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Drains and grids collect water that runs off the roads and pavements and have a metal grill cover.

Tell us about drains or grids on pavements and roads that are raised or sunken as these may cause a hazard. We also need to know if a drain is blocked, eg if rain water is pooling on the surface and not draining away.

Report a drain or grid issue

If the issue is any of the following (and an immediate threat to safety) phone us straight away during office hours on 0161 253 5353 or out-of-office hours on 0161 253 6606.

  • Missing ironworks, for example manholes, gully grills, hydrants and stop taps
  • Flooding property

If you need information and advice about sewers and water supply pipes, visit the United Utilities website.

Please answer all the questions in our online form as clearly and accurately as you can to help us deal with the issue you are reporting.