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Apply for a new postal address

Applications for new addresses should be submitted as soon as possible after planning permission for the proposed development has been granted.

New postal address applications can be made by individuals or developers:

  • building new houses, commercial or industrial premises
  • undertaking conversions of existing residential, commercial or industrial premises which will result in the creation of new properties or premises.

Where the application is for a new development, the application must be accompanied by the appropriate site layout and other plans as specified on application.

Postal address street naming and/or numbering requests will be required to pay the appropriate fee to support the application.

  • New street name and allocation of number to plots for new developments:
    • £145 per street name of up to 4 plots
    • £14 for each additional plot over 4 per street name
  • Name and numbering of new developments on an existing street:
    • £66 for 1 plot
    • £45: plus 2 to 4 plots
    • £14: plus each additional plot over 4 plots
  • Conversion or splitting of a property:
    • £66 for 1 new address or change of address
    • £14: plus each addition or change
  • Change or additional house name:
    • £66 for a change or additional house name per property
  • Change or additional building name:
    • £66 for a change or additional building name per property
    • £14: plus each property contained in the same building
  • Confirmation of an existing address:
    • £66 for confirmation of an existing registered postal address
  • Change of street name (residents request):
    • £210 for the first property
    • £22: plus each additional property
  • Alterations to either a street name or property number after initial street naming and numbering has taken place:
    • £210 for the first property
    • £22: plus each additional property

There is no VAT payable on this service. Fees and charges are correct as from 12th March 2018.

Once an application has been received, the National Land and Property Gazetteer (NLPG) and Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) custodian will:

  • check that there is no duplication of existing street names within the town the development falls within
  • check that the proposed street names are in accordance with the appropriate naming and numbering conventions
  • consult with our Highways department before making a decision.

A check will also be made to ensure there is not an existing street of the same name within close proximity in a neighbouring town.

When your street naming and numbering application has been approved, you'll be sent an approval notice which details the approved address(es), together with a copy the original plan edited to show the new streets and property numbers.

Following approval, details of the street names and properties will be entered into the Councils applications and issued to the National Land and Property Gazetteer Custodian for distribution to emergency services, utilities and Royal Mail.