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The Government as recently announced that Greater Manchester is to receive £1.09 billion of funding from the City Region Sustainable Transport Fund. This represents 90 percent of the bid submitted and is the highest City Region settlement.

These are the transport projects that have been put forward in Bury, with the exact allocations per project to be confirmed.

Bury Interchange Phase 1: £45 million

The redevelopment of Bury Interchange will be Greater Manchester's first operationally carbon neutral transport interchange. The £81 million scheme (£45 million City Region Sustainable Transport Settlement (CRSTS) initial tranche, £36 million future CRSTS funding post 2027) will include full multi-modal integration including capacity for bus, cycle/active travel parking, Metrolink and vertical circulation upgrades.

Bury Town Centre: £6 million

The aim of the project is to improve access to the new transport interchange for bus, taxi, cycle and walking. This will significantly improve the attractiveness of sustainable travel modes to access Bury. These works will further create a high-quality environment which enhances the town centres attractiveness to its users.

Radcliffe: £12 million

Radcliffe is undergoing a period of significant transformation and will be a focus area for regeneration and growth in Bury over the forthcoming years. In September 2020, a Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF) for Radcliffe was adopted. This set the long-term vision for the regeneration of Radcliffe through the delivery of a new Civic Hub, secondary school and approximately 500 new residential dwellings at key sites across the town.

Transport is an essential enabler in successfully unlocking proposed future growth, this bid seeks targeted transport investment to ensure these developments come forward in a sustainable and cohesive manner. The project will ensure that the new development sites are efficiently connected to existing communities providing a joined-up transport network. Site specific interventions include:

  • junction improvements
  • green corridors
  • active travel enhancements.

Ramsbottom: £2 million

To enhance and improve active travel and sustainable travel modes so they offer a real alternative to private car. A pedestrian friendly environment will be created with improved footways and public space. Cycle routes will be improved, and parking provided.

HGV movements will be rationalised to reduce their environmental impacts whilst ensuring they continue to serve essential industry,

Public realm and space within the town centre will be improved and opportunities to rationalise and improve car parking will be taken so that key spaces offer an attractive environment.

Overall, the works will improve the towns visitor offer in order to help maintain and enhance its role as a quality destination to ensure it continues to economically prosper.

Heap Bridge: £1 million

This funding will provide development money to allow significant highway improvements to be developed and designed and improve access and egress into this important industrial and retail area. The proposed works will provide a step change in the provision of walking and cycling access to ensure that local residents can easily and safely access the employment and commercial opportunities available in the area.

Bus reform and bus priority schemes

Greater Manchester wide of £264 million.

Upgraded, dedicated high-quality bus routes between Wigan and Bolton, Bury and Rochdale which will improve bus reliability and attractiveness to ensure it provides a real alternative to private car along this key orbital route.

Similar improvements to improve the reliability and attractiveness of bus routes between Bury and Manchester will also be implemented.

Bus Stop Enhancements. A programme of works to improve the attractiveness and functionality of bus stops is planned. This will ensure they provide an attractive environment whilst waiting for the improved and reliable bus service.

Tram train

Greater Manchester wide of £41.4 million.

Developing the next stage of plans for new Metrolink links for the North of Greater Manchester, including through the investigation of tram train technology, between Oldham, Rochdale, Heywood and Bury. This will allow Metrolink vehicles to travel along (heavy) rail lines.

New Metrolink stops: £2 million

Funding to develop plans for new Metrolink stops to serve potential new growth locations.

Highways structures and resurfacing maintenance programme

Greater Manchester wide of £238 million.

A widescale programme of works which will provide significant investment to improve carriageway surfacing and structures on Bury's main roads.

Active travel programme

Greater Manchester wide of £63 million.

To deliver the walking and cycling component of the wider Greater Manchester Bee Network vision of an integrated multi-modal transport network for the whole of the Region. The cycling and walking Bee Network, once complete, will cover circa 1,800 miles and be the longest, integrated, planned active travel network in the country connecting every neighbourhood of Greater Manchester.