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Bury Council is required by law to produce a Local Flood Risk Management Strategy. The purpose of the strategy is to increase the safety of people across the borough by reducing the number of people at risk of flooding, increasing the resilience of local communities and reducing the impact of flooding.

The borough's first Strategy was adopted in April 2014. The 2018 version seeks to update the original strategy, particularly in light of the 2015 Boxing Day flood event.

The strategy focuses on local flood risk from surface water, groundwater and ordinary watercourses, but also considers flooding from rivers. It identifies the responsibilities for flooding within the borough and enables a range of organisations to work together to improve the management of flood risk.

An Action Plan has been produced as part of the strategy to provide an overview of flood risk management activities within the borough. It also identifies a number of potential schemes to reduce flood risk, the most significant of which is the Environment Agency led Radcliffe and Redvales flood defence scheme.