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What is the scheme?

The nominated neighbour scheme has been set up to prevent elderly and vulnerable residents from becoming victims of distraction burglary, bogus calls or rogue traders.

The scheme uses a specially developed card, which can be shown to the caller it replaces any need for the occupant to open the door and enter into conversation with that person. The card advises any unidentified or unexpected caller to go to the address of a 'Nominated Neighbour'. This person can be a friend or relative who will check the callers identity and if they are genuine return with them whilst the visit takes place.

Genuine callers will be happy to contact the nominated neighbour and bogus callers will fail to gain access, this will send a strong message that the local community is alert to their activities and the scheme will act as a deterrent and stop them returning in the future.

Join the scheme

To join the scheme contact your local Crime Reduction Advisor on 0161 856 8046 or for further information visit Neighbourhood Policing Team.


These are guidance notes to assist you with any questions you may have:

  • do not allow the caller access to your home
  • fully check the identity and the reason the caller wishes to gain access to your neighbours home
  • if in any doubt, use the useful numbers (below) to contact the company and verify the identity of the caller
  • if the caller is genuine you must return with the caller to your neighbours home and remain with them until the caller has concluded their visit
  • do not enter into any contract with the caller
  • if you are not fully satisfied with the identity of the caller, please contact the police on 0161 872 5050 and inform them
  • if the caller persists or in an emergency telephone 999 and ask for the police.
Useful numbers
Company (service) Telephone number
Emergency Services 999
Police Switchboard 0161 872 5050
Bury Council 0161 253 5000
Six Town Housing 0161 686 8000
Trading Standards (Door step crime) 0161 253 5566
Homewatch Scheme 0161 856 8174
Age Concern 0161 736 9030
Handy Person Scheme (Home maintenance) 0161 736 9030
Victim Support 0161 797 3043
Crimestoppers 0800 555 111
United Utilities (Extra care services) 0800 056 7693
United Utilities (To check the ID) 0845 746 2200
Accuread (Bogus caller meter reader line) 0800 393 499
Northern Meter Reading (Bogus caller meter reader line) 0800 328 0237
Metering Services Ltd (Bogus caller meter reader line) 0800 169 4667
Meter Plus (Bogus caller meter reader line) 0800 073 3355
Imserve (Bogus caller meter reader line) 0800 328 9114
British Gas 0845 600 5001
N Power 01793 877 777
Powergen 0247642 4000
Scottish Power 0845 2727111
United Utilities Electricity 0800 195 4141