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Visual Impairment

What do we provide?

All our libraries will be able to help you with:

  • Information
  • Large Print Books
  • Audiobooks on CD
  • E-books, E-Audiobooks & E-Magazines via BorrowBox
  • Computer Access with magnification and speech


Hearing Impairment

What do we provide?

All our libraries will be able to help you with:

  • Loop facility at our library counters
  • NHS hearing aid battery exchange

NHS hearing aid batteries for NHS hearing aids issued only by Bury Audiology Radcliffe Primary Care Centre, Townside or Tottington Health Centres. NHS hearing aid batteries are available from all our libraries. When you visit us for new batteries, you may leave your used hearing aid batteries with us too.

You will need to bring along your brown battery book for staff to sign. We will provide you with 2 packets of batteries per hearing aid.

We do not provide hearing aid batteries for NHS hearing aids from private dispensers or for private hearing aids or NHS hearing aids from other health authorities.


What to do if you think you have a hearing loss or Tinnitus

  • We advise anyone who thinks they have a hearing loss/tinnitus to book an appointment to see their GP
  • Your GP will decide what type of referral you may need
  • You may be referred to an audiologist for a hearing test
  • If you are provided with hearing aids, this may help you to hear things better, and you may not need any further help
  • If you are still struggling to hear things around your home, you can contact Bury Councils Connect and Direct Hub to request a Hearing Assessment


Hearing Assessments

The Inclusion Officer provides specialist Hearing Assessments on behalf of Adult Care Services and aims to support you by providing:

  • Information
  • Advice
  • Equipment (where needed)
  • Signpost to other services

The help we offer is based on your individual needs. Hearing Assessments are available to people aged 18+ who are Deaf (profound/severe loss) or those who are hard of hearing and issued with hearing aids (NHS or private). You must be a resident in the Borough of Bury and pay your council tax to Bury Council.

Referrals for a Hearing Assessment are accepted from health/ social care professionals, organisations or you may self-refer by contacting the Connect and Direct HUB.

For a Hearing Assessment from Bury Council, please contact the Connect and Direct HUB Tel: 0161 253 5151 or email: to be added to a waiting list.


Try Before You Buy

If you do not want to receive a hearing assessment through Bury Council and would like to buy equipment privately, we offer a service where you can try some equipment before you decide to buy.

Equipment Demonstrated:

  • Room loop for a TV
  • Personal Listener
  • Doorbell
  • Telephone amplifier
  • Various transmitters
  • Information about specialist telephones

By appointment only, on Thursday mornings, please contact the Inclusion Officer to book an appointment Tel: 0161 253 7512 email:


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