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1. Our service promise

1.1 Access to information and culture on the internet is a fundamental part of the library service.

1.2. The service will be free, with advertised charges for print outs. Access is available to all on a drop-in basis, and library members may book computers in advance. Because access is free we reserve the right to restrict computer access time to ensure fair access to all. We will hold a reserved computer for 10 minutes after the session start, then it will be freed to allow other users access.

1.3 Staff will supervise use of these facilities and provide basic assistance for 'quick' problem-solving.

Staff will not, however, be able to provide lengthy assistance except when operating special services such as Visual and Hearing Impairment Services.

1.4 Free 'Get You Started' training sessions will be available at all full-time libraries.

1.5 Dedicated access for children (aged 16 and under) will be available at some locations, other locations have "multi-use" computer access. Where there is no specific access for children under 14's need to be accompanied by an adult.

2. Your responsibilities as a user

2.1 We reserve the right to monitor your computer usage, and ban users who are behaving unacceptably. You must not;

  • Break the law e.g. illegal downloads, altering official documents.
  • Search for offensive/pornographic sites on the internet
  • Access extremist / terrorist materials
  • Mistreat the computer equipment either physically or attempt to crack our systems or networks.
  • Use the internet antisocially (e.g. to distribute offensive messages, spam or attempt to crack other systems/networks).
  • Install additional software onto the computers.
  • Watch streamed TV, at locations not covered by a TV licence (see poster).
  • Use someone else's membership card when booking a computer.

Any breach of this policy may result in us reporting this to the appropriate authority.

2.2 Access is provided to Microsoft Office programmes (word, publisher etc.) and the world wide web. For e-mail, please use one of the web-based providers such as Hotmail. Users take full responsibility for messages sent electronically.

2.3 You are responsible for the privacy of any information that you wish to transmit via the internet (e.g. credit card details for online purchases). Remember libraries are public places, and someone could be looking over your shoulder. Log out properly from such services or it may be possible for the next computer user to access your information.

2.4 You may save your work to a USB memory stick. Be aware that computer viruses can be transferred on these memory sticks. Staff can scan your stick if requested. You are responsible for ensuring that your work has been saved to USB, because our computers will delete any items saved to the "hard drive" at the end of your session. When taking print outs or saving your work, you are responsible for remaining within copyright law.

2.5 You should be considerate of other users of the library, and not make excessive noise or mistreat our equipment. Only two persons will be allowed at any one computer.

2.6 If you are epileptic, or have any other illness that may be affected by using a computer, please consult your doctor for advice on using computer equipment.