Race Conversations Next Steps

In 2021/2022 Bury Council and the CCG, now NHS GM (Bury) have had a focus on race equalities. During this year we set up numerous Race listening conversations with our communities and public service leaders. 

We heard what the voices told us and a number of themes were identified to be more inclusive: Health, Education, Communication, Employment and Representation. Over the coming months we will be working with the Leads of these themes on this. We will also continue to work with the communities of Bury to continue our work in collaboration.

Some of the things Bury Council are doing include:

  • We are working with Bury VCFA & their network to co-design the plan. We will be creating a race steering group with the representatives from the VCSE groups and residents
  • We are focusing on inclusive recruitment; Video job descriptions (policy officer as an example), going directly to job fairs and community spaces, sharing job descriptions through our networks and inclusive recruitment and mutual mentoring projects are some examples
  • We are pledging to meet residents in their spaces to be more accessible and inclusive, removing the barrier of having to come to us. Also agreeing to not host engagement events on a Friday for example
  • We are also pledging to create more inclusive communications to go out to staff and residents, the inclusion working group (sub-group of Team Bury) and VCSE groups will be sharing these from their networks
  • There is a review being carried out on our translation services
  • We're reviewing whether we can translate our council letters and also convert them to easy read to be more accessible and inclusive
  • We have set up an inclusion calendar which is shared across partners, that aims to educate and celebrate different days within different cultures and religions. A communications strategy is attached to this.
  • We are working with ambassadors for inclusion within the council and across partners to support our work towards becoming a more inclusive organisation
  • We have started collating good practices and pieces of work that are happening across the council and partners around race and inclusion and will be working with the Inclusion Working Group to support implementation of these
  • Commissioning a new website which will be more inclusive