Local election results 2022

Bury Council local election

The count was live streamed and an edited version of this can be found here: Council Stream - Elections 2022.

Election of Borough Councillors, Thursday, 5 May 2022

The three winning candidates in each ward shown in bold italics and marked with *.

These elected candidates serve for different terms as follows:

  • First: Four year term
  • Second: Two year term
  • Third: One year term

Overall turnout in the borough was 39.3%.

CandidatePartyVotes polled
Bayley, Noel *Labour and Co-operative Party1505
Fay, CameronThe Green Party354
Keeley, Gregory GerardThe Conservative Party548
Morris, StephenEnglish Democrats - "Putting England First!"166
Ross, DanCommunist Party of Britain59
Shaffi, TahiraThe Conservative Party420
Silbiger, DavidThe Conservative Party486
Smith, Lucy Catherine *Labour and Co-operative Party1397
West, Martyn JohnIndependent317
Whitby, Mary *Labour and Co-operative Party1435
Williams, MikeLiberal Democrats176

Rejected votes: 4.
Turnout: 30.7%.

Bury East
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Arif, Ayesha *The Labour Party1285
Baron, Christopher EdwardThe Conservative Party1045
Cadwallader, KevinReform UK236
Farooq, Ummrana *The Labour Party1157
Hutchinson, LaurenThe Green Party331
McGill, Gavin Phillip *The Labour Party1266
Powell, Elizabeth ChristineLiberal Democrats218
Sharif, Raja AdilThe Conservative Party1043
Tahir, Abdul BasitThe Conservative Party885

Rejected votes: 12.
Turnout: 31.8%.

Bury West
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Arif, Shahbaz Mahmood *The Conservative Party1636
Connor, JacquiThe Green Party485
Harris, Jackie *The Conservative Party2023
McAnulty, AndrewThe Labour Party1203
Royde, JacobLiberal Democrats274
Turner, Samuel JamesThe Labour Party1118
Varnom, Helen JaneThe Labour Party1153
Vernon, Dene John *The Conservative Party1926

Rejected votes: 15.
Turnout: 41.7%.

CandidatePartyVotes polled
Arthur, Lynda Valerie GailLiberal Democrats416
Finnegan, Kyle MartinThe Labour Party1541
Hayes, Martin John *The Labour Party1715
Luxton, Andrew PaulThe Conservative Party1671
Morris, Charlotte Elizabeth *The Labour Party1689
Rydeheard, Jack Bernard *The Conservative Party1752
Warraich, Muhammad Sajjad AkramThe Conservative Party1391

Rejected votes: 10.
Turnout: 41.5%.

CandidatePartyVotes polled
Baron, GeoffreyThe Conservative Party354
Curati, PeterThe Green Party340
Hall, Anthony PeterThe Conservative Party349
Hankey, MichaelLiberal Democrats1310
Jamieson, Richard NeilThe Labour Party1497
Moss, Elliot Graham *The Labour Party1660
Raja, Haider AliThe Conservative Party259
Rizvi, Imran Raza *The Labour Party1644
Tegolo, Maria Cristina *Liberal Democrats1558
Wright, Steven DavidLiberal Democrats1554

Rejected votes: 13.
Turnout: 43.4%.

CandidatePartyVotes polled
Boles, Ciaron Michael *The Labour Party1518
Farid, Samia ParveenThe Conservative Party1106
Hagan, Victor CromwellIndependent259
Heath, Mary ChristineThe Green Party321
Holder, MarieThe Conservative Party1026
Latif, Mazhar HussainThe Conservative Party907
Peel, Kevin Eric *The Labour Party1482
Walmsley, Sandra *The Labour Party1588

Rejected votes: 10.
Turnout: 35.6%.

North Manor
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Allen, CharlieThe Green Party913
Arthur, Ewan JamesLiberal Democrats758
Brown, Roger Charles Arthur *The Conservative Party2008
Dean, Liam James *The Conservative Party1963
Hussain, Khalid *The Conservative Party1775
Kirkley, Gary JosephThe Green Party574
Sampson, Michelle SuzanneThe Green Party973
Southworth, John DamianThe Labour Party1568

Rejected votes: 16.
Turnout: 49.3%.

Pilkington Park
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Bernstein, Russell Stewart *The Conservative Party1409
FitzGerald, Elizabeth Jayne *The Labour Party1405
Jones, Nicholas Glen *The Conservative Party1344
Lomax, Elizabeth AnneThe Green Party452
Malkin, Christopher JohnThe Labour Party1314
Rubinstein, Michael JackThe Labour Party1296
Slawycz, AntonThe Conservative Party1214

Rejected votes: 15.
Turnout: 40.6%.

Radcliffe East
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Birchmore, Carol Ann *Radcliffe First1504
Broster, MichaelThe Labour Party730
Cathcart, Rhyse LewisThe Labour Party728
Cathcart, TrishaThe Labour Party762
Gregory, Mark JohnThe Conservative Party306
Mason, James Anthony *Radcliffe First1449
Mehboob, Azhar IsmaeelThe Conservative Party274
Sharples, Heather JaneThe Green Party143
Walsh, Mary *Radcliffe First1332
Worthington, Iona MargaretThe Conservative Party224

Rejected votes: 0.
Turnout: 32.4%.

Radcliffe North and Ainsworth
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Bernstein, Carol AnneThe Conservative Party1205
Berry, Donald *Radcliffe First1436
Booth, Andrea Michelle *Radcliffe First1325
Campbell, GillThe Labour Party847
Cropper, PaulThe Conservative Party1278
Heneghan, PaddyThe Labour Party736
Lancaster, Jo * (determined by a tiebreak draw)The Conservative Party1278
Patterson, Lee ChristopherThe Labour Party856
Simpson, KenRadcliffe First1201
Thomas, Laura JaneThe Green Party108

Rejected votes: 9.
Turnout: 38.5%.

Radcliffe West
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Duncalfe, Des *Radcliffe First1263
Imeson, MarkThe Conservative Party289
Islam, KamranLiberal Democrats70
Kahn, MuhammadThe Conservative Party179
Lewis, DavidThe Conservative Party362
Marsden, Glyn Stuart *Radcliffe First1292
McGill, SallyThe Labour Party852
Smith, Michael Andrew *Radcliffe First1170
Staples Jones, Gareth EdwardThe Labour Party973
Thomas, Chlöe CharlotteThe Green Party128
Whelan, Charlie William EdwardThe Labour Party873

Rejected votes: 5.
Turnout: 31.9%.

CandidatePartyVotes polled
Bristow, Martyn AidanLiberal Democrats447
Cummins, Clare Anne *The Labour Party2178
Cunliffe, JamesThe Conservative Party1641
Donnelly, Spencer *The Labour Party1948
Park, JihyunThe Conservative Party1284
Pilkington, Tom *The Labour Party2083
Schofield, IanThe Conservative Party1573
Slocombe, Mark DavidThe Green Party402

Rejected votes: 7.
Turnout: 45.6%.

CandidatePartyVotes polled
Aijaz, Raja NaveedThe Conservative Party1344
Foss, DavidLiberal Democrats340
Frith, Nikki *The Labour Party1647
Haroon, Shaheena *The Labour Party1498
Johnstone, PaulThe Green Party375
Mahmood, ShafqatThe Conservative Party1249
Tariq, Tamoor *The Labour Party1646
Yasin, AamerThe Conservative Party1365

Rejected votes: 20.
Turnout: 39.7%.

CandidatePartyVotes polled
Aslam, MazharThe Conservative Party568
Gold, Richard Ian *The Labour Party1902
Heath, Glyn HarveyThe Green Party346
Heaton, Michael AndrewLiberal Democrats345
Quinn, Alan *The Labour Party1863
Quinn, Debbie *The Labour Party1811
Raja Akhtar, ShamThe Conservative Party511
Vincent, BernieThe Conservative Party746

Rejected votes: 29.
Turnout: 34.7%.

St Marys
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Edeoga, Ugonna AiphodimmaLiberal Democrats966
Green, Debra *The Labour Party1676
Hubble, NickThe Green Party345
Lewis, Stephen ThomasLiberal Democrats976
O'Brien, Eamonn *The Labour Party1941
Powell, Michael Robert ThomasLiberal Democrats1382
Riu, AntonelloThe Conservative Party332
Saghir, TouseefThe Conservative Party292
Thorpe, Sean Patrick *The Labour Party1478
Zuri, StefanoThe Conservative Party358

Rejected votes: 19.
Turnout: 40.8%.

CandidatePartyVotes polled
Gartside, Iain Brian *The Conservative Party1541
Graham, Angela MargaretThe Green Party499
Hills, David OrrThe Labour Party808
Holt, Evelyn IsobelThe Labour Party878
McBriar, Luis James *The Conservative Party1687
Southworth, Julie AnneThe Labour Party903
Strachan, Ian CameronThe Conservative Party1081
Wright, Yvonne Susan *Independent1799

Rejected votes: 5.
Turnout: 45.5%.

CandidatePartyVotes polled
Balfour, Shirley AnneThe Conservative Party1451
Boroda, Nathan Cody *The Labour Party2123
Grimshaw, Joan *The Labour Party2157
Rafiq, Tahir *The Labour Party1938
Raja, SohailThe Conservative Party1431
Walker, Gibson MichaelThe Conservative Party1215

Rejected votes: 34.
Turnout: 44%.