Bury Town Centre Draft Masterplan summary information boards


The Draft Masterplan sets out an ambitious vision for Bury Town Centre over the next 20 years, which will guide and support its future growth. The Draft Masterplan has been prepared on behalf of Bury Council but will be delivered together with a range of developer partners and investors.

We hope to use this Masterplan to attract future investment - both public and private sector funding, into Bury Town Centre.

What is the Draft Masterplan and what is its role/purpose?

The Draft Masterplan for Bury Town Centre sets out a series of actions and potential development opportunities across ten proposed Character Zones. It responds to the existing challenges and issues that the town centre currently faces. It also looks to build on the key assets and strengths that already exist in the town centre - for example, our heritage buildings and our culture. The proposed changes will also help make Bury more responsive and resilient to climate change, provide greater opportunities for our communities, and help to address vacancies in the town centre.

The Draft Masterplan, once adopted by Bury Council, will be used to help assess future planning applications, to attract new funding and to encourage high-quality development into the town centre.

Why is a Draft Masterplan proposed?

The Draft Masterplan will help Bury Council, and its partners, create a town centre that is fit for the future. A town centre that all can benefit from and enjoy. It provides a framework to encourage the right type of development and investment into the town centre, and ensure development is not delivered in isolation. It is important to create key linkages between projects to maximise the regeneration benefits for all.

Our vision

Experience Bury - A place to discover more

'By 2040, we want Bury to be an attractive, thriving, healthy and forwardlooking town where people aspire to live, work, study and experience'.

The draft Masterplan will help to deliver a diverse mix of uses of services, creating vibrancy during the day and into the evening.

It will build on Bur y's existing heritage and cultural assets, such as the East Lancashire Railway, Bury Market and The Met.

It will help support creativity, innovation and support the existing community - through encouraging new skills, the introduction of new businesses and help ideas to flourish.

Bury will be a highly connected place - with high-quality public spaces and streets, and will be easy to get around by walking, cycling and public transport.

Our vision and objectives are supported by key development principles and a comprehensive masterplan.

To deliver our vision we have identified eight key objectives:

  1. A diversified town centre
  2. Low carbon and green growth
  3. A vibrant town centre
  4. A place for culture
  5. A place for living
  6. A connected town centre
  7. Healthy and active communities
  8. A place for business and learning

Proposed character zones

The masterplan area is defined by ten 'character zones'.

Bury town centre masterplan - Zones A to J (click to open large version)

A series of options have been developed for each zone to define how development could potentially come forward in the future. The preferred options for the ten zones has formed the basis for the development of the Illustrative Masterplan. These draft development principles are only proposals at this stage and are not fixed. Bury Council welcomes the view of local communities and key stakeholders.

  • Zone A - Retail heart
    Diversifying and consolidating current retail with an emphasis on retail, leisure, health and living.
  • Zone B - Vibrant Bury
    Showcasing new gateway created by the Interchange, Flexi-Hall and public realm upgrades.
  • Zone C - Cultural quarter
    Diversifying and strengthening the existing offer and creating new and enhanced public realm.
  • Zone D - Knowledge zone
    Incorporating the new STEM Centre, encouraging growth of existing colleges and creating a strong education, research and innovation offer within the town centre.
  • Zone E - Town centre south
    Consolidation of the existing surface level car park and development of a new mobility hub, and/or residential development and potential location for a new leisure centre and pool.
  • Zone F - Eastern gateway
    New hotel, residential and start-up opportunities incorporating an innovation hub.
  • Zone G - Western gateway
    New family orientated community within the town centre.
  • Zone H - Southern gateway
    Re-imagined town centre living and linear park.
  • Zone I - Sports campus
    Exciting new sports and leisure facilities
  • Zone J - Chamberhall
    New employment sites, potentially incorporating makers studios, set within attractive landscaped grounds.

Bury town centre - Zone A

Zone A

Retail Heart

Consolidating and diversifying the town centre core through the introduction exciting new leisure uses. Re-imagining The Mill Gate Shopping Centre by restoring some of the original street network whilst retaining some of the core functions and support of the market. The introduction of new homes and services will be designed to create greater footfall in the heart of the town.

Future uses within the Mill Gate may include:

  • Retail
  • New residential
  • Serviced office space
  • Food and beverage
  • A potential location for a relocated leisure centre (to replace the existing Castle Leisure Centre)

Proposed visualisation of Mill Gate [Chapman Taylor] (click to open large version)

Bury town centre - Zone B

Zone B

Vibrant Bury

This zone proposes the creation of an iconic new gateway and focal point for Bury which celebrates Bury Market and secures its future for generations to come. Through comprehensive regeneration of the public realm and the addition of a new flexi-hall, we can ensure that our historic market is in the best place to thrive, modernise and meet the challenges of today. In addition, the redevelopment of Bury Interchange will provide a modern, attractive and user-friendly public transport hub with better links to the town centre.

Proposed visualisation of Kay Gardens and the Mill Gate (click to open large version) Proposed Bury Flexi-Hall [Just H Architects] (click to open large version)

Bury town centre - Zone C

Zone C

Cultural Quarter

Building on Bury's existing cultural and visitor attractions, the Cultural Quarter focuses on diversifying, strengthening and promoting the current offer. A comprehensive public realm strategy will enhance Bury's historic character, aid wayfinding and legibility through the town centre. This includes the proposed creation of a new Station Square and could incorporate the creation of a new culture trail and the establishment of an annual cultural events programme.

Illustrative Layout Station Square and Market Place (click to open large version) Proposed visualisation of Castle Armoury and New Station Square (click to open large version)

Bury town centre - Zones G, H

Zones G and H

Western Gateway and Southern Gateway

The Western Gateway (Zone G) and Southern Gateway (Zone H) zones will deliver high-quality new housing within the town centre. These sites will create new sustainable communities linking to the heart of Bury, with connections to Bury's Cultural Quarter, Interchange and Market. In addition to providing new homes for local people, the development will also increase vibrancy, activity, and footfall within the town centre.

Proposed visualisation of Western Gateway (click to open large version) Proposed visualisation of Pyramid Park (click to open large version)

Bury town centre - Zones D, E, I

Zones D, E and I

Knowledge Zone, Town Centre South and Sports Campus

The area to the south of Angouleme Way includes three Character Zones - Town Centre South (Zone E), the Knowledge Zone (Zone D) and a proposed Sports Campus (Zone I).

Collectively these zones can deliver:

  • New and improved skills - a new Health Innovation and STEM Centre is currently being built at Bury College and improvements are proposed across Bury College's Campus.
  • Enhanced health and well-being with the potential for a new leisure centre offer to replace Castle Leisure Centre.
  • Better connectivity between the town centre and communities to the south.
  • Creation of new high-quality residential which is highly connected to the town centre.
  • Potential consolidated car parking and new mobility hub to provide improved cycling facilities and electric vehicle charging points.

These zones will be better connected to the town centre and the amenities on offer as the proposal is to create a 'Green Street' along Angouleme Way and introduce new street trees and planting, and create improved crossing facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

Proposed Woodbury Centre -Bury College Campus (Iteriad) (click to open large version) Active Travel Junction - Illustrative Swatch - Angouleme Way (click to open large version)

Bury town centre - Zones J, F

Zones F and J

Eastern Gateway and Chamberhall

The Eastern Gateway (Zone F) and Chamberhall (Zone J) Character Zones both provide the opportunity to create new high quality employment space for new businesses to relocate into Bury. The Eastern Gateway area will be developed further with the introduction of a new hotel which will provide the cornerstone to the gateway. This will be complemented with the opportunity for new residential as well as creating a new innovation hub to provide commercial opportunities for small and medium sized businesses and new start-ups.

The Chamberhall site provides a high-quality location for business and light industrial opportunities within close proximity of the town centre. Set within attractive landscaping and incorporating potential makers studios there are opportunities to draw visitors north and provide an important gateway to the Irwell Sculpture Trail and onward connections to Burr's Country Park.

Delivery and phasing

Given the scale and ambition of the proposals, alongside the level of investment that is required to achieve the vision, the delivery of the proposals identified within the key Character Zones will be phased over between now and 2040.

The sites will not all come forward within the first five years of the Masterplan; instead, the focus will be on key sites which are already cleared and/or within the Council's ownership. The ambition however will be to bring sites forward which provide a mixed-use approach.

Phase 1 - Short-term (up to 2025)

Phase 1 (click to open large version)

Key to plan:

1. Installation of new Active Travel Crossings

2. Installation of elements of the Bee Network

3. Creation of new STEM Centre and Health Innovation Hub ('HISTEM') (funded by Bury College, GMCA and Department for Education)

4. Development of the Flexi-Hall

5. Improvements to Bury Market

6. Development of new hotel (former Fire Station site)

7. Early interventions into repurposing the Mill Gate

8. Developer partner procured for Phase 1 of Western Gateway and works commenced on site

9. Developer partner procured for Chamberhall Phase 2 works commenced on site

10. Car Parking Strategy to be undertaken

11. Programme and events underway

Phase 2 - Medium-term (up to 2030)

Phase 2 (click to open large version)

Key to plan:

12. Redevelopment of the Interchange to be constructed and operational

13. Completion of Western Gateway Phase 1

14. Replacement of Castle Leisure / new Wet Leisure Centre to be developed in town the centre

15. Commencement of Western Phase 2

16. Completion of Chamberhall Phase 2

17. Creation of new Station Square as part of Cultural Quarter

18. Partial reconfiguration of the Mill Gate

19. Installation of 1 no. multi-storey car park / mobility hub

20. Procurement of developer partner for Southern Gateway sites

21. Bury College to refurbish existing College Estate

Phase 3 - Long-term (up to 2040)

Phase 3 (click to open large version)

Key to plan:

22. Tram Train

23. Completion of Southern Gateway (and associated development sites)

24. Completion of Western Gateway Phase 2

25. Complete reconfiguration of the Mill Gate

26. Further enhancement of the Knowledge Zone