Disability Service, Community and Wellbeing privacy notice

About this notice

Our core data protection obligations and commitments are set out in the council's primary privacy notice

This notice provides additional privacy information for customers who have been assessed or referred to the Disability Service.

Categories of personal data

In order to carry out these purposes we collect and obtain:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • GP
  • Family relationships
  • Medical details
  • Carer information
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Assessed functional ability
  • Difficulties you may be having in the home
  • Assessed need and recommendations for equipment and adaptation

Legal basis for processing

The legal basis for processing your personal information is:

  • In order that you may access services following an assessed need

If you fail to provide certain information when requested, we may not be able to perform the contract we have entered into with you (for example, if you do not allow us to pass on your general information to ask for a financial means test, we may not be able to process our recommendation), or we may be prevented from complying with our legal obligations.

Information sharing/recipients

We may share personal information about you with the following types of organisations:

  • GP - in order to make them aware we are involved in your care
  • Social worker - to enable you to have involvement if needed and for us to ascertain their involvement
  • Care agency - to allow us to advise on equipment and adaptations and how to use them safely
  • Urban Renewal - to process a major adaptation
  • Six Town Housing - to process a major adaptation for Six Town Housing tenants
  • Six Town Housing - to process a minor adaptation
  • Health colleagues - in order to provide advice and care (this may include, district nurses, physiotherapists, other occupational therapy clinical staff, consultants and their staff)
  • Housing Occupational Therapist - to give you medical points for rehousing
  • Clerical officers - this will be in the form of processing data
  • Housing authorities - to advise on rehousing needs
  • Equipment store - in order to purchase or deliver equipment


As well as information collected directly from you, we also obtain or receive information from:

  • GP's - for medical details
  • Social workers - for Social Care issues
  • Private sector housing - for major adaptations
  • Architects - plans for major adaptations
  • Six Town Housing - for rehousing, minor works and major adaptations
  • School - for joint working with school and home
  • District nurses - for nursing needs
  • Consultants - for medical details
  • Safeguarding - for issues relating to safety
  • Care agencies - to ask for advice re your care at home

For this service:

  • All the decisions we make about you involve human intervention
  • A copy of your consent form will be scanned onto your computer records.

Data retention / criteria

Our retention schedule outlines how long we retain certain types of information.

Rights of individuals

Information about the following is accessible in our guide to exercising your rights:

  • exercising your rights
  • contacting our Data Protection Officer
  • raising a concern with us, or
  • making a complaint to the Information Commissioner


We may update or revise this privacy notice at any time.