Outdoor play and sport facilities in Whitefield and Unsworth

Locations and facilities available
LocationFacilities available
Barlow Recreation GroundPlay area.
Boz ParkPlay area,
Multi-ball zone.
Elms Recreation GroundPlay area (this has been removed).
Hamilton Road Toddler AreaPlay area,
Tennis (three courts) - Book a tennis court.
Hathaway RoadMulti-ball zone.
Hollins GrundyPlay area,
Multi-ball zone.
Park LanePlay area.
Parr LanePlay area.
Philips ParkPlay area,
3-2-1 routes,
Football (at Drinkwater Park),
Accessible to local walks,
Mountain Bike Trails.
Sunnybank RoadPlay area.
Thatch Leach LanePlay area,
Multi-ball zone.
Victoria ParkPlay area,
Multi-ball zone.
Whitefield ParkPlay area,
Table tennis,
Multi-ball zone,
Bowling green.

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