Neighbourhood funding

This page details the latest funding that is available through Bury Council to local voluntary and community groups in the borough. It details the focus of each fund, how much is available for each project, key dates and how to apply. This will be updated with any new funding opportunities that become available.

Further information on funding opportunities for community organisations is also available through the Bury Voluntary and Community Faith Alliance (see Bury VCFA - Funding and development).

Neighbourhood Pitch Funding

Summary of the fund

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on our borough. It has created many challenges and affected all our lives but it has also seen our residents and communities look after each and come together to protect our most vulnerable. 

Our Let's Do It! Strategy is about building on those strengths to make sure every neighbourhood in the borough can be better and stronger than before the pandemic. This means looking carefully at the differences in our communities in terms of health, education, jobs and housing, then working together to create better conditions for everyone.  

This fund invites community groups to think about how they can contribute to the outcomes set out in Let's Do It within the places they live and work and with the communities who they represent.

Priorities of fund

The Let's Do It strategy outlines seven key outcomes:

  1. Improved quality of life in terms of length of life and good health
  2. Improved support to children so that they are better prepared for school
  3. More young people getting the qualifications they need for the future
  4. Better support to adults who want to retrain and find new jobs
  5. Higher wage rates and business growth that benefits everyone 
  6. Improvements to our environment by being carbon neutral by 2038
  7. Better access to digital services through how we connect to broadband and mobile networks, or through improving our skills to use digital products

In addition a series of data derived priorities for each neighbourhood have been identified (stated on the application form).

Further information
Applications open18 October 2021
Applications close22 November 2021
Value of funding availableUp to £5,000 per project
Application process and formNeighbourhood Pitch application (Applications now closed)

Health Improvement Community Funding

Summary of the fund

Coronavirus has had a serious impact on everyone, and it remains a serious health risk.

This fund is to support local people and communities to recover from the coronavirus pandemic as we start to build back better and learn to live with the virus for the foreseeable future. It is part of a wider borough-wide programme that will support the future health, wellbeing, and resilience of our communities.

Priorities of fund

  • Encourage and support people to make healthier choices and lead healthy lifestyles
  • Enable as many people as possible to get 'out and about' walking and exercising
  • Inspire people to enjoy the outdoors and Bury's green and open spaces
  • Bring communities together and support positive mental health and wellbeing
  • Support Bury people to recover from the longer-term effects of Covid
  • Reduce inequalities and support communities and groups hardest hit by the pandemic
Further information
Applications open15 October 2021
Applications close30 November 2021
Value of funding availableUp to £20,000 per project
Application process and formLet's Live Well Health Improvement Fund  (Applications now closed)

Climate Action Funding

Summary of the fund

The Community Climate Action Fund has been created to specifically enable community projects which will support Bury and its residents take positive steps towards tackling the global climate emergency as well as support Bury Council achieve its goal of carbon-neutrality by 2038.

Priorities of fund

To be eligible for funding, projects must be delivered within the borough of Bury, plus contribute to one or more of the following.

  • Renewable energy generation or promotion
  • Reduced fuel poverty or climate associated risks
  • Making residents' homes more sustainable
  • Minimising the everyday impacts our communities have on the environment
  • Active travel and, or low-carbon travel
  • A reduction in waste, including single-use plastic and food waste
  • Sustainable buying habits to conserve natural resources
  • Adoption of a low-carbon, plant-based diet
  • Connecting people with nature and protection of the natural environment
  • Increasing local volunteering and community-led conservation work
Further information
Applications open1 November 2021
Applications close30 November 2021
Value of funding availableUp to £15,000 per project
Application process and formLet's act together: Climate Action Community Fund (Applications now closed)

Parklife Community Fund

Please note this fund relates to the Prestwich neighbourhood only.

Summary of the fund

The Parklife Community Fund is part of the Parklife Festival's commitment to work in partnership with the local communities around Heaton Park, the location for the festival.

Priorities of fund

The funding is to support local community groups, particularly those looking to enhance and maximise the use of parks and green space.

Further information
Applications open4 January 2022
Applications close28 January 2022
Value of funding availableUp to £2,000 per project
Application form(Applications now closed)