Levelling Up Fund


In March 2021 the Department for Transport, the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government and the Treasury jointly announced the details of the £4.8 billion Levelling Up Fund. The fund operates on a competitive basis and focuses on local infrastructure projects that can deliver a visible impact on people and places within a short period of time.

Support of up to £20 million of funding is available for regeneration and town centre investment projects, and the number of eligible bids is determined by the number of MPs in a Local Authority Area (two in the case of Bury).

Bids will be assessed on three criteria:

  1. The ability to demonstrate that Levelling Up Fund expenditure can be delivered in 2021/ 2022, with the expectation that all funding provided is spent by 31 March 2024. This is a pass/ fail gateway criterion, bids which cannot demonstrate the above will not be shortlisted for the next stages.
  2. An assessment based on the characteristics of the place (priority category), deliverability, strategic fit, and value for money. Bury has been placed in the priority 1 category - the areas recognised as being in most need of government support.
  3. Ministerial discretion, which will take into account, reasonable thematic and geographical split, approved projects across places of need and other aligned investment.

The Borough's bids

Bury has submitted two £20 million bids, one for a new civic hub in the heart of Radcliffe's town centre (see Radcliffe regeneration for more information) and one for the delivery of new market flexi hall, to strengthen Bury's town centre offer (see Regenerating Bury Market for more information).

The government will announce which bids have been successful in autumn 2021.

Contact for Regeneration