Bury Housing Strategy - Section 8: How we will implement this strategy


This housing strategy has come at a time of great change and of great energy for change, in Bury.

8.1 Let's do it!

Even before the Coronavirus disrupted our normal way of doing things, Bury residents, stakeholders and the workforce had been working towards a decade of reform to tackle deprivation and improve growth under the Bury 2030 banner. Now we have a clear way forward and this will mean a big change to the way the Council operates.

Key to these reforms is working through relationships, because it is relationships, not services, which truly make the difference to people's lives. We are in the process of making a radical shift from providing services to a relationship-based system, through empowered local communities. It is by working with residents, and valuing the skills, strengths and successes of individuals and communities - and not just delivering services to people - that we can tackle some of the great causes of inequality within the borough and make sure everyone has the best possible life chances.

Guided by the late Victoria Wood born in Prestwich and brought up in Bury, 'Let's do it!' encapsulates our strategy. It reflects the need for all of 'us' to be involved in creating change. It shows that there is important work we all need to 'Do' and that we cannot be passive. It is a call to action, to develop a collective vision 'It' of what the future can look like.

8.2 Let's - our collective responsibility

To work, this housing strategy needs to be a joint endeavour involving Bury's residents, stakeholders, local partners and our workforce. Doing this will require many new relationships to be forged and conversations to be had.

There is a big emphasis on conversations. We need to talk to residents, to deepen the insight about their needs and aspirations that we have gained through the Housing Needs Assessment. We need to talk to community groups about their ambitions for the neighbourhoods and towns they live in.

There is also a big emphasis on co-design and co-production. Residents, including people we traditionally see as 'service users' can help us to deliver this strategy if we will involve them at an early stage. Listening and learning from Co-production Networks to understand their particular needs and ambitions offers rich information; they can help us to design and deliver services that work for them and people like them. We want our residents to help each other to live well and to be empowered to get on with their lives and to need services as little as possible.

We have many external partners who have a responsibility to help. We need to talk to developers and registered providers to find out what they need in order to support this vision. We need to talk to our private landlords to work out how they might support our ambitions. We need to talk to other GM local authorities and beyond, to learn together.

8.3 Do - through inspiration, aspiration, participation, collaboration

'Do' is about doing our bit to make our Borough a great place. It is about:

  • Inspiration - being proactive and creative, building on our collective strengths to make a difference, really listening to understand each other, growing relationships and new connections across boundaries, being open to doing things differently, valuing skills and strengths of people and communities.
  • Aspiration - having and realising hopes and dreams by giving people an equal voice and opportunity for participation, championing innovation and improved quality of life, stepping out of our comfort zone to make things happen, opening doors at every opportunity, being proud of our people and places.
  • Participation - taking responsibility for making a difference by committing to making a positive, practical difference asking 'what really matters to you?', being flexible and putting energy where we can make the most positive difference, demonstrating dignity, kindness and respect.
  • Collaboration - bringing people together from all corners of life, listening deeply and responding authentically, learning from others, trusting each other, making the most of our collective talent's energies and power, holding each other to account, sharing data, removing barriers to collaboration, supporting development and growth.

8.4 It - the change Bury residents want to see

'It' is about having a shared focus on what we want our towns to be like in ten years' time and achieving our vision of tackling deprivation and inequality whilst securing economic recovery and ultimately securing ambitious growth. It means developing ourselves, our communities and our neighbourhood model.

When it comes to housing, 'it' is articulated within this housing strategy and action plan which provide room for Bury's residents and stakeholders to shape further into township programmes. It is ambitious but it is also doable, especially with the right mind set, attitudes and action.

Evidence and documents upon which this strategy is based: