Bury Housing Strategy

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The Bury Housing Strategy can be viewed on the web pages below.

It is also available as a printable PDF: pdf icon Bury Housing Strategy [1Mb].

Also available as a printable PDF is the pdf icon Bury Housing Strategy - Executive Summary [194kb].

The new Housing Strategy sets out the scale of housing issues and challenges facing the borough. It provides a clear direction of travel to deliver a balanced and diverse housing supply and an opportunity to create successful and inclusive neighbourhoods that everyone can be proud of.

It covers the key aspects of affordability, supply and quality of housing in the borough and, will help ensure that an adequate supply of new housing will be provided to support inclusive economic growth that will underpin improvements in people's health and wellbeing, including reducing gaps in healthy life expectancy.

This is a wide-ranging strategy that impacts on the lives of all Bury residents in one way or another, be that directly through the provision of accommodation and services or indirectly through improvements in the public realm, environment and health. The strategy is an important document that will help shape the types of housing that will be delivered on new developments.

The strategy contributes to meeting the Council's priorities across a range of policy areas including economic growth and climate change approach. It also reflects the Council's role in discharging a range of statutory duties such as those relating to homelessness, private sector housing and the safeguarding of vulnerable children and adults.

We will work with residents and other key stakeholders including Homes England, housing developers, registered providers, private landlords, Six Town Housing and the GM Combined Authority to implement the strategy and ensure that the right types of housing are built where we need them.

The outcomes we seek from the strategy include:

  • More homes in the borough to meet the needs of a growing population
  • Increased affordable housing supply - through new build, leasing and acquisition
  • A more dynamic housing market - a broader range of housing tenures and more tailored support for people to access a suitable home they want in any tenure
  • Good quality, healthy homes and places
  • Support that enables people to live well in the community
  • Intelligent, evidence-driven, targeted investment to improve health through housing
  • A clear focus on the future of each town centre and surrounding areas
  • To eliminate rough sleeping by 2025 through an evidenced approach to preventing homelessness, increasing the supply of affordable homes, supporting accessibility and 'enabling support' towards independence
  • Rapid movement towards low carbon housing.
  • Bury Housing Strategy - Section 1: Housing for Bury 2030: Let's do it!

    The Council, partners and residents have worked together to develop a 10-year vision for the borough. Through a true collaborative transformation process, the Bury 2030 Vision; Let's do it! is bringing together and integrating our public services with new neighbourhood-based hubs and team working.

  • Bury Housing Strategy - Section 2: New homes for Bury

    We have an opportunity through the new homes that will be built over the next ten years including new affordable housing, and through attention to existing homes and places, to develop a strong 'housing offer' that will provide for our older population, specialist groups including people with a learning disability and our working age population who will be critical for our economic future. We will draw on information from our Housing Needs Assessment and Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment to develop housing action plans that reflect local needs and demand in each of our townships.

  • Bury Housing Strategy - Section 3: Action on Bury's existing homes

    We will work with landlords and tenants as well as homeowners to take action on Bury's existing housing including improving the condition of our own housing stock. We will continue to enforce against poor management practices and property conditions to improve the private rented sector. This includes reviewing our strategy for identifying and bringing long-term empty homes back into use to increase the supply of homes for occupation across the borough.

  • Bury Housing Strategy - Section 4: Enabling access to a suitable permanent home

    We will help people access a suitable home through various means including our Choice Based Lettings Scheme, registered provider accommodation and Affordable Housing Scheme as well as supporting access to private sector tenancies. We will review our housing related policies to make them more efficient and easier to navigate and, reassess our sheltered housing schemes to ensure they are fit for purpose and meet the needs of our communities.

  • Bury Housing Strategy - Section 5: Supporting people to live well in the community

    Our new neighbourhood model will provide a range of informal support to all residents across the borough. This includes housing related support such as tenancy sustainment and support for more complex issues such as debt problems, domestic violence and rough sleeping and homelessness.

  • Bury Housing Strategy - Section 6: Healthy people, homes and places

    The right home environment protects and improves health and wellbeing and prevents physical and mental ill health. Our vision is to improve health and well-being by working with communities and targeting poor housing conditions, to ensure that all residents have a decent home to live in.

  • Bury Housing Strategy - Section 7: Towards carbon neutral homes

    We are in the process of developing a Climate Strategy to ensure that we achieve our goal of carbon neutrality by 2038 and build a more sustainable, climate resilient environment. Low carbon homes deliver significant health and social benefits. They are warmer, cheaper to run and healthier to live in.

  • Bury Housing Strategy - Section 8: How we will implement this strategy

    We will work with communities, private developers, private landlords, registered providers and other partners including the Greater Manchester Combined Authority to deliver the objectives within this Housing Strategy.