Local election results 2021

Bury Council local election

The count was live streamed and available to view here: Council Stream - Elections 2022.

Election of Borough Councillors, Thursday, 6 May 2021

Winning candidates in each ward shown in bold italic and marked with *

Besses - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Fay, CameronGreen Party157
Morris, StephenEnglish Democrats - "Putting England First!"139
* Smith, Lucy CatherineLabour and Co-Operative Party1596
Wharmby, Philip JefferyThe Conservative Party Candidate775
Williams, MikeLiberal Democrats82

Rejected votes: 15.
Turnout: 33.64%.

Church - Conservative hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Arthur, Lynda Valerie GailLiberal Democrats125
* Lewis, Jordan AlexanderThe Conservative Party Candidate2311
Sampson, Michelle SuzanneGreen Party239
Simons, JoshLabour and Co-Operative Party1141

Rejected votes: 32
Turnout: 45.88%.

East - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
* Farooq, UmmranaLabour Party1490
Lewis, Stephen ThomasLiberal Democrats363
Mahmood, ShafThe Conservative Party Candidate915

Rejected votes: 53.
Turnout: 32.22%.

Elton - Conservative gain
CandidatePartyVotes polled
* Rydeheard, Jack BernardThe Conservative Party Candidate1949
Simpson, Bryan JohnLiberal Democrats189
Southworth, Susan JoyLabour and Co-Operative Party1564

Rejected votes: 18.
Turnout: 42.68%.

Holyrood - Liberal Democrats hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Baron, ChristopherThe Conservative Party Candidate515
Bayley, NoelLabour Party1503
Curati, PeterGreen Party96
* Wright, Steven DavidLiberal Democrats1688

Rejected votes: 29.
Turnout: 43.85%.

Moorside (2 seats) - Labour hold one and gain one
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Allen, CharlieGreen Party282
* Boles, Ciaron MichaelLabour Party1655
Foss, David HenryLiberal Democrats132
Hagan, Victor CromwellIndependent173
Park, JihyunThe Conservative Party Candidate984
* Peel, Kevin EricLabour Party1434
Raja, SohailThe Conservative Party Candidate853

Rejected votes: 897.
Turnout: 35.89%.

North Manor (2 seats) - Conservative hold (both seats)
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Arthur, Ewan JamesLiberal Democrats310
* Brown, Roger Charles ArthurThe Conservative Party Candidate2421
Clarke, HelenLabour Party1345
* Dean, Liam JamesThe Conservative Party Candidate2194
Heath, Mary ChristineGreen Party491
Saunders, Euan DavidLabour Party1048

Rejected votes: 651.
Turnout: 52.12%.

Pilkington Park - Conservative hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Arif, AyeshaLabour Party1180
* Bernstein, Russell StewartThe Conservative Party Candidate1827
Heath, Glyn HarveyGreen Party195
Lytwyn, Jaroslaw WolodymyrLiberal Democrats96

Rejected votes: 36.
Turnout: 43.58%.

Radcliffe East - Radcliffe First gain
CandidatePartyVotes polled
* Birchmore, Carol AnnRadcliffe First1551
Cathcart, Rhyse LewisLabour Party1074
Rew, Rodney JohnLiberal Democrats86
Solomon, RaymondThe Conservative Party Candidate542

Rejected votes: 14.
Turnout: 35.30%.

Radcliffe North - Conservative gain
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Ibrahim, Babar HameedLabour Party704
Jones, Kingsley RichardLiberal Democrats98
* Lancaster, JoThe Conservative Party Candidate1725
Marsden, Glyn StuartRadcliffe First900

Rejected votes: 22.
Turnout: 39.62%.

Radcliffe West - Radcliffe First gain
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Donnelly, SpencerLabour Party974
Lewis, DavidThe Conservative Party Candidate504
* Staples-Jones, Gareth EdwardRadcliffe First1134
Thorpe, SarahLiberal Democrats46

Rejected votes: 15.
Turnout: 31.41%.

Ramsbottom - Labour gain
CandidatePartyVotes polled
* Pilkington, TomLabour Party2118
Royde, JacobLiberal Democrats117
Schofield, IanThe Conservative Party Candidate1960

Rejected votes: 30.
Turnout: 46.45%.

Redvales - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Arif, Shahbaz MahmoodThe Conservative Party Candidate1491
Entwistle, Andrew MarkLiberal Democrats53
* Haroon, ShaheenaLabour Party1664
Johnstone, PaulGreen Party296

Rejected votes: 41.
Turnout: 39.13%.

Sedgley - Labour gain
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Bernstein, CarolThe Conservative Party Candidate1400
Edeoga, Ugonna AiphodimmaLiberal Democrats159
* Quinn, DebbieLabour Party2074

Rejected votes: 31.
Turnout: 40.58%.

St Marys - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
* Butler, SamLabour Party1744
Lloyd-Johnson, Gareth David LeeLiberal Democrats1400
Riu, AntonelloThe Conservative Party Candidate476

Rejected votes: 28.
Turnout: 43.67%.

Tottington - Conservative hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Foran, Michael JohnFreedom Alliance. No Lockdowns. No Curfews35
Graham, Angela MargaretGreen Party200
Lloyd-Johnson, Sandra LynnLiberal Democrats109
* McBriar, Luis JamesThe Conservative Party Candidate2294
Sellers, William JamesLabour Party949

Rejected votes: 11.
Turnout: 45.04%.

Unsworth - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
* Boroda, Nathan CodyLabour Party1794
Hankey, MichaelLiberal Democrats103
Slawycz, AntonThe Conservative Party Candidate1550

Rejected votes: 34.
Turnout: 47.40%.