Council Tax Special Constable discount

Special Constables living in the borough can get money off their Council Tax.

Who is eligible?

To qualify for this discount you need to be:

  • responsible for paying Council Tax at an address in the borough.
  • carrying out the duties of Special Constable for a Police force, have completed the required training and undertaking a minimum monthly service of 16 hours.

How much discount will I receive?

Eligible applicants will receive a maximum 50% discount on their Council Tax. The 50% discount includes any other discounts the household may be eligible for.

There will be one discount per household regardless of the number of special constables resident.

How to apply

Complete the form below.

We will need to evidence that you are a Special Constable. This should be a letter from an officer responsible for your supervision. It should confirm:

  • their name and rank
  • that you are serving a Special Constable for a minimum of 16 hours a month
  • when you started to serve as a Special Constable

If you are unable to complete the form, please contact us.

Apply for a Council Tax Special Constable discount

What happens next?

We aim to process your application within 20 working days of receipt of all the information needed.

If you qualify for a discount we will send you a revised Council Tax bill. If you are unsuccessful, we will tell you why we have not awarded the discount.