GM Mayors Challenge Fund Tranche 1 schemes

Higher Lane and Pinfold Lane, Whitefield

Background to proposals

In May 2018 it was announced that between 2018 and 2022, £160 million would be made available for walking and cycling infrastructure improvement schemes throughout Greater Manchester from the Transforming Cities funding initiative to encourage more people to cycle and walk. This funding pot is managed by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM). The funding for these schemes has been named by TfGM as the Mayor's Challenge fund (MCF) initiative or 'Bee Network' for short.

It is hoped that these monies provided by the government from the Department for Transport (DfT) to TfGM will be the first tranche of further funding which will allow TfGM to deliver a sustained strategic programme of investment in cycling and walking infrastructure to provide a comprehensive cycling and walking network throughout Greater Manchester. TfGM feel that the development of enhanced cycle and walking infrastructure will have a substantial impact in terms of enhancing economic prosperity, improved health and wellbeing and the environmental sustainability of the city. TfGM hope the provision of this enhanced infrastructure will help assist in achieving their target of having 10% of all journeys across Greater Manchester by bicycle by 2025.

MCF Site

A665 Higher Lane between Park Lane and background to proposals

Proposed junction enhancements, new Toucan Crossing and a two way cycleway along A665 Higher Lane with minor waiting restriction amendments.

The A665 Higher Lane between Park Lane and A667 Ringley Road in Whitefield is one of the sites chosen where work is proposed to be undertaken using TfGM's MCF Bee Network funding to enhance facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

The features proposed on the road include junction improvements at the intersections of A665 Higher Lane with Park Lane and A667 Ringley Road respectively. The junction improvements proposed primarily consist of providing push button pedestrian crossing facilities for pedestrians at the existing signalised junctions and enhanced facilities for cyclists. The proposed new facilities will greatly improve road safety for pupils from nearby schools in the area whether they are walking or cycling to and from school as well as providing a much improved amenity for the general public. There are currently no existing modern formalised crossing points in the area that school pupils and other vulnerable road users can use to cross the busy A665 Higher Lane safely.

A new Toucan crossing near to the intersection of the A665 Higher Lane with Hamilton Road is also proposed to assist the permeability of pedestrian and cycle movements in the locality which will also enhance road safety in the area for all vulnerable road users further.

A new two way cycleway and footway on the west side of Higher Lane is also proposed to link up all the new facilities described above which will further enhance the facilities for vulnerable road users in the locality. Existing waiting restrictions in the area are proposed to be revised slightly in order to accommodate the proposed changes.

pdf icon Plans - Higher Lane and Pinfold Lane, Whitefield [748kb].

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