Bury Futures

Bury Futures

The series will be led by Philip Collins, who was born and educated in Bury and is now contributing editor at the New Statesman and the author of the 2017 Life Chances report for Bury council. Philip will be in conversation with some local and national leaders, to reflect on the challenges and opportunities of our borough and ideas behind the vision for the next 10 years.

Part of these events will include a Q&A with the panel members. We would like to hear your questions on these topics in advance of the events to be answered on the day. If you have a question in mind, please send it to corporate.core@bury.gov.uk.

Strengths: 4 March at 2pm

There's nothing more important than a place we can call home. The pandemic proved just how important good quality housing and a safe, clean environment is to a happy, healthy life. This is a place rich in possibility. But how do we preserve and cherish it for future generations?

In this panel conversation, hosted by Philip Collins, Eamonn O'Brien, Steph Meskell-Brocken and Professor Sir Michael Barber will reflect on the role health, education, and culture have to play in creating a thriving community.

Eamon O'Brien is the leader of Bury Council.

Steph Meskell-Brocken, Learning and Education Manager at The Met in Bury, has contributed to Developing a Sense of Place, a book on the role the arts can play in regeneration communities.

Professor Sir Michael Barber is a former head of the Prime Minister's Delivery Unit and the chief executive of Delivery Associates which helps towns and cities all over the world deliver top-class public service.

If you are interested in tuning in to this event, here is the link to access: Council Stream - Bury Futures: Strengths.

Together: 11 March at 7pm

Bury 2030 represents a completely new relationship between public services, communities and businesses which is based on co-design and accountability for shared decision making. It is about doing "with" not "to" by bringing a greater focus on wellbeing, prevention and early intervention.

Achieving this requires us to develop relationships at every level, taking responsibility together for making a difference by valuing and developing the role and voices of people and communities to shape and deliver, wherever we can; growing relationships and new connections across boundaries; and demonstrating dignity, kindness and respect in everything we do.

In this conversation, Philip Collins will be in discussion with Sajid Hashmi MBE, independent chair of the Bury Voluntary and Community Faith Alliance, which is the local voluntary and community infrastructure organisation for the borough and Vicky Maloney, the Chief Executive of Early Break, to consider the role of community leadership and working together to achieve shared outcomes for the borough.

If you are interested in tuning in to this event, here is the link to access: Council Stream - Bury Futures: Together.

These follow on from a session on Enterprise which was held on 23 February. In this session Philip Collins hosted a conversation between Professor Diane Coyle and Mike Emmerich to reflect on what the pandemic means for our towns. What role can local government play in creating a thriving economy? And what can central government do to help our towns rebuild after the pandemic? You can view the recording of this session through the following link: Council Stream - Bury Futures: Enterprise.

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