Annual electoral register canvass

Every year the council carries out a check of who is registered to vote. This is known as the canvass for the electoral register.

We contact all voters in Bury either by letter, email, telephone or personal visit to check who is eligible to vote.

Please read carefully any correspondence that is sent to you. In the majority of cases, if the information we have on who lives at an address is correct, you do not need to respond.

However, if any information is wrong, or if there are people eligible to register to vote at this address that are not included, then you need to correct, delete or add in their details.

You can do this easily online, by phone or by the official form by following the instructions in the letter you receive.

More information about how to register to vote is available on Electoral Commission - Voter information.

If you have any queries where you would like to talk to someone at Bury's Elections Team, please contact us.

Deadlines to get your details on the register

There is no online capacity to check if you are registered to vote. If you have recently applied to register to vote, please refer to the table below to find out when your name will be added or alternatively you can ring us to confirm.

The register is not updated in the months of October and November due to the annual canvass taking place. Anyone who applies to register to vote after the 10 August will not be registered to vote until the 1 December 2022.

Deadlines for monthly updates
We need your application byWe need any further evidence byTo include you in the register that's published on
14 December 202122 December 20214 January 2022
10 January 202218 January 20221 February 2022
7 February 202215 February 20221 March 2022
10 March 202218 March 20221 April 2022
14 April 202226 April 202227 April 2022
10 May 202218 May 20221 June 2022
9 June 202217 June 20221 July 2022
8 July 202218 July 20221 August 2022
10 August 202218 August 20221 September 2022

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