(21) Griffe Lane, Bury/Whitefield

Copy of application and map: pdf icon Griffe Lane application form and map [262kb]

The intended effect of the application:Changing the status of Public Footpaths to Bridleway

The location to which the application relates:Grid Reference -SD 82272 07584 to SD 84287 06891

Address of any properties on which the way lies: Castle Brook Farm, Castle Road, Unsworth, BL9 8QR; Thurston Fold Farm, Castle Road, Bury, BL9 8QS; Brick House Farm, Griffe Lane, Bury, BL9 8QS; Unsworth Moss Bungalow, Simon Lane, Whitefield, Manchester, M24 4SH; Moss Top Farm, Simon Lane, Whitefield, Manchester, M24 4SH; Unsworth Moss Farm, Simon Lane, Middleton, M24 4SH; Sand Field Farm, Simon Lane, Bowlee, Middleton, M24 4SF; Pike Fold Golf Club, Hills Lane, Unsworth, Whitefield, BL9 8QP

Principle settlements nearest to the way: Unsworth

Parish, Ward or District in which the way lies:Unsworth and Holyrood

Applicants name and address: Currently withheld

Date set for determination of the application:

Reference number: 24

Date on which the application was determined:

The Authority's decision:

If the Authority's decision was to make the order has it been confirmed?

If the decision was not to make an order, was there an appeal?