Private hire and Hackney carriage vehicle licence

Important information about your application

Standards for vehicle design

  • All vehicles must conform to the M1 standard (any modified vehicle at M2 standard must have an appropriate test to ensure conformity with single vehicle type approval)
  • No retrofitting of engines into older vehicles will be allowed. LPG conversions will be accepted
  • Where retrofit emissions technology is installed, it shall be approved as part of the Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme (CVRAS)
  • No advertising permitted on private hire vehicles other than council approved signage
  • Specification for window tints - remaining glass or rear side windows (excluding the rear window) - allow manufacturer's tint to a minimum 20% light transmission
  • Existing vehicle licence holders with vehicles that have previously been written off (in any category) are able to renew their vehicle licence up to 31 March 2023, pending a full review of this policy standard.
  • Vehicle licence applications for vehicles new to the fleet will need to submit evidence to prove that the vehicle has not been written off in any category to the Licensing Service. You will be required to upload a Full HPI check with the application. If the vehicle has been written off in any category it cannot be licensed by Bury Council.
  • No roof signs permitted on private hire vehicles.

Age policy for licensed vehicles (from 25 November 2021)

Any applications to licence a new vehicle will have to comply with the following requirements of policy.

  • Private hire vehicle - under 5 years on to fleet and 10 years off
  • Private hire vehicle WAV - under 7 years on to fleet and 15 years off
  • Hackney Carriage Vehicle - under 7 on to fleet and 15 years off
  • To remove exceptional use or beyond the age limit (or similar) policies where they currently exist. All existing vehicles that are currently licensed in Bury will begin transitioning and must be compliant with the policy standard by 1 April 2024. Please note: The Greater Manchester Clean Taxi Fund will assist vehicle proprietors to upgrade their vehicles to be compliant with the Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan when it becomes available.

Standards for vehicle emissions

All licensed vehicles to be compliant with the current emissions standard (Currently Euro 4 petrol and Euro 6 diesel) as follows.

  • For all new to licence vehicles - with immediate effect
  • For existing fleets - to begin transitioning as soon as the policy is in place and to complete transitioning by 1 April 2024. Vehicle must also be compliant with the age policy
  • To note the strong ambition to move existing fleets to ZEC as soon as possible

Standards for vehicle colour

All Hackney Carriage Vehicles should be black in colour for all new and replacement vehicles with the following exceptions:

  • Purpose-built taxis may be of the manufacturer's colour
  • Advertising is allowed on London Style Taxis

Currently there is no colour requirement for private hire vehicles.

A purpose-built Hackney Carriage is defined as a vehicle that has been manufactured and sold by the relevant manufacturer as a Hackney Carriage. A vehicle that has been manufactured and registered, but subsequently converted is not considered to be purpose-built. Whilst vehicles converted by an approved company post manufacturing process may be permitted onto the fleet, it does not meet the definition of purpose-built and therefore any new Hackney Carriage vehicles of this nature that are licensed must be black in colour.

Standards for vehicle signage

  • All Hackney Carriage and private hire vehicles will display permanently affixed licence plates on the front and back of the vehicle
  • All Private hire vehicles will:
    • only display stickers provided by the licensing authority (at cost) which will bear the operator name and phone number, 'advanced bookings only', 'not insured unless pre-booked' and the licensing authority logo (The design, dimensions and placement of the stickers on the vehicle is to be determined at a future date)
    • display those stickers on both rear side doors and the back window
    • not use any magnetic stickers

Any decision regarding the implementation of the proposed 'GM approved' bonnet sticker will be delayed for a period of 2 years while more work is carried out with the trade and GMP to address the concerns raised by the trade relating to antisocial behaviour.

Existing vehicle livery standards in Bury will be retained until the new GM livery design, dimensions and placement are confirmed and procured. Ahead of the changes, the existing lively standards will be reviewed to accommodate the GM livery. A further update report will be presented to the Licensing and Safety Committee.

Vehicle testing

All vehicles more than 3 years old will be tested at least twice a year and that all vehicles will be tested against the DVSA MOT standard as a minimum. (This will be at cost to the vehicle licence proprietor/driver).

Vehicle licence costs

See: Taxi licensing fees.

Licence conditions

Apply, renew or change a private hire or hackney carriage vehicle licence

Please note: You can apply up to 8 weeks before the expiry date of your current licence. Please also be aware that if you let your licence lapse without making a renewal application your vehicle will be classed as a first grant and will have to comply with the age policy as above.

Complete and submit the form and provide the documents required (V5 registration document, new keepers and acceptable bill of sale).

You will be required to upload images of these documents when you complete the form. You will also be required to make payment before you submit the form by credit or debit card.

If you choose Bradley Fold Testing station for your vehicle compliance test you can book this online after you have paid the non-fundable application fee. Once payment is made you will receive an email receipt for your payment and confirmation of your application.

Please keep the email with your reference number as confirmation your application has been submitted. If you do not make payment your application has not been submitted and will not be processed.

To start the application, you must either create a Bury One account or log in with your email address and password if you already have a Bury One account.

Complete the Private hire or public vehicle licence application

What happens next?

We aim to process your application within five working days, once your application has been approved you will receive a reminder email two working days before your vehicle compliance test. In your confirmation email you will receive a link that will allow you to amend your appointment, you cannot amend the appointment if it's within one working day of your appointment time.

If you selected Sunnybank Service station you will receive an email once your application has been processed to contact Sunny Bank Service Station to arrange a convenient date and time for your vehicle compliance test. Do not contact Sunnybank Service station until you have received your email advising to book your test.

Vehicle ownership transfer

If you purchase a vehicle that already has a current Bury licence, you will need to transfer the ownership of this licence from the current licence holder to yourself.

If you fail to transfer the licence of a vehicle that you have sold, the responsibility for that licence will remain with you even though you have sold the vehicle.

In order to transfer the licence you will need to upload an acceptable bill of sale showing the sale of the car. This must include the name and address of the old owner and the purchaser, the registration of the vehicle, a statement that the new owner agrees to purchase the vehicle and transfer the licence. It should then be signed and dated by both parties.

You will also need the V5 logbook in your name, or if you are still awaiting this being returned from the DVLA you will need the new keepers supplement.

When you have these documents you can complete the apply to transfer ownership of a vehicle.

Complete the Vehicle owner transfer form

If Sunnybank Station cannot book your test

If Sunnybank Service Station are unable to book your vehicle compliance test before the expiry of your vehicle licence, you must book your vehicle in at Bradley fold.

Complete the below application with the correct fee for the compliance tests at Bradley Fold. You must only complete this form if you selected Sunnybank Station on your vehicle licence application and Sunnybank is unable to book your test.

If you have not submitted your application early, the Licensing Service cannot guarantee that your vehicle will be tested before the vehicle licence expires.

You will not be able to use your vehicle until the vehicle has been tested.

You will require your licensing case reference number (this will be in your case confirmation email) and a credit/debit card to make payment. Once we have receipt of this form, the licensing Service will contact you by telephone to arrange a convenient date and time for your vehicle to be tested.

Complete the MOT payment for Bradley Fold form to book your vehicle test at Bradley Fold