Local election results 2019

Election of Borough Councillors, Thursday, 2 May 2019

Winning candidates in each ward are shown in bold italic and marked with *

Besses ward

Besses result - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Jackson, Dominic BairstowLiberal Democrats158
Lewis, JordanThe Conservative Party Candidate433
Morris, StephenEnglish Democrats - "Putting England First!"288
Simpson, Andrea Laura *Labour Party1007
Smart, Jessie GeorgiaGreen Party - Save Our Green Space197

Effective electorate: 8208
Spoiled votes: 21
Poll: 26%

 Church ward

Church result - Conservative hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Arthur, LyndaLiberal Democrats198
Harris, Jackie *The Conservative Party Candidate1913
Haydock, Nicole PauleGreen Party - Save Our Green Space338
Turner, SamLabour Party925

Effective electorate: 8397
Spoiled votes: 50
Poll: 41%

 East ward

East result - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Dean, Liam JamesThe Conservative Party Candidate428
McGill, Gavin Phillip *Labour Party1418
Petzer, Paul AnthonyGreen Party - Save Our Green Space261
Stokes, StephenLiberal Democrats124

Effective electorate: 8377
Spoiled votes: 48
Poll: 27%

 Elton ward

Elton result - Labour gain from Conservative
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Allen, CharlieGreen Party - Save Our Green Space351
Hankey, MichaelThe Conservative Party Candidate1243
Morris, Charlotte Elizabeth *Labour Party1259
Royde, JacobLiberal Democrats133

Effective electorate: 8556
Spoiled votes: 52
Poll: 36%

 Holyrood ward

Holyrood result - Liberal Democrats hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Curati, PeterGreen Party - Save Our Green Space179
McGill, Kevin MichaelUK Independence Party (UKIP)196
Neville, ChrisLabour Party1009
Tegolo, Maria Cristina *Liberal Democrats1995
Vincent, BernardThe Conservative Party Candidate177

Effective electorate: 8539
Spoiled votes: 9
Poll: 42%

 Moorside ward

Moorside result - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Moore, Stefanie JayneGreen Party - Save Our Green Space391
Raja, SohailThe Conservative Party Candidate829
Southworth, Sarah Jane Louise *Labour Party1198
Warnes, Gavin Andrew Daniel JamesLiberal Democrats123

Effective electorate: 8854
Spoiled votes: 50
Poll: 29%

 North Manor ward

North Manor result - Conservative hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Arthur, Ewan JamesLiberal Democrats284
Heath, Mary ChristineGreen Party - Save Our Green Space456
Hussain, Khalid *The Conservative Party Candidate1699
Pilkington, TomLabour Party942

Effective electorate: 8039
Spoiled votes: 47
Poll: 43%

 Pilkington Park ward

Pilkington Park result - Conservative hold
CandidatePartyVotes poll
Caserta, Robert Anthony *The Conservative Party Candidate1482
Clough, AnthonyUK Independence Party (UKIP)158
Cross, AndrewLiberal Democrats202
Redmond, EddyLabour Party951
Salama-Carr, MyriamGreen Party - Save Our Green Space193

Effective electorate: 7478
Spoiled votes: 11
Poll: 40%

 Radcliffe East ward

Radcliffe East result - Independent gain from Labour
CandidatePartyVotes poll
Doyle, Evelyn MaryLabour Party979
Lewis, Stephen ThomasLiberal Democrats110
Mason, James Anthony *Independent1045
McBriar, Luis JamesThe Conservative Party Candidate609

Effective electorate: 8902
Spoiled votes: 19
Poll: 36%

 Radcliffe North ward

Radcliffe North result - Conservative gain from Labour
CandidatePartyVotes poll
Hurst, Sam *The Conservative Party Candidate1507
Meara, John PhilipGreen Party - Save Our Green Space301
Rew, Rodney JohnLiberal Democrats120
Walker, Jamie LeonLabour Party1171

Effective electorate: 8659
Spoiled votes: 27
Poll: 36%

 Radcliffe West ward

Radcliffe West result - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes poll
Birchmore, Carol AnnIndependent806
Islam, KamranLiberal Democrats65
Lewis, DavidThe Conservative Party Candidate350
Mortenson, Beth *Labour Party886
Truelove, Andrew JohnGreen Party - Save Our Green Space152

Effective electorate: 8438
Spoiled votes: 17
Poll: 27%

 Ramsbottom ward

Ramsbottom result - Labour gain from Conservative
CandidatePartyVotes poll
Bancroft, Louise StephanieGreen Party - Save Our Green Space363
Cummins, Clair Ann *Labour Party1645
Fletcher, Gregg DennisThe Conservative Party Candidate1459
Foss, David HenryLiberal Democrats160

Effective electorate: 9011
Spoiled votes: 55
Poll: 41%

Redvales ward 

Redvales result - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes poll
Arif, Shahbaz MahmoodThe Conservative Party Candidate1213
Johnstone, PaulGreen Party - Save Our Green Space349
Lloyd-Johnson, Gareth David LeeLiberal Democrats128
Walsh, Clare Louise *Labour Party1511

Effective electorate: 9033
Spoiled votes: 41
Poll: 36%

 Sedgley ward

Sedgley result - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes poll
Gold, Richard Ian *Labour Party1650
Kallmunzer, DanielThe Conservative Party Candidate1010
Lenzi, ElenaLiberal Democrats347

Effective electorate: 8846
Spoiled votes: 16
Poll: 35%

 St. Mary's ward

St Mary's result - Liberal Democrats gain from Labour
CandidatePartyVotes poll
Bayley, Noel EdwardLabour Party1022
Begley, Emlyn MartinGreen Party - Save Our Green Space214
Day, ZadokThe Conservative Party Candidate266
Powell, Michael Robert Thomas *Liberal Democrats1964

Effective electorate: 8105
Spoiled votes: 25
Poll: 43%

Tottington ward 

Tottington result - Conservative hold
CandidatePartyVotes poll
Deas, Samantha RoseGreen Party - Save Our Green Space354
McCaul, Anthony JohnLabour Party764
Minty, AndyLiberal Democrats125
Wright, Yvonne Susan *The Conservative Party Candidate1729

Effective electorate: 7959
Spoiled votes: 28
Poll: 38%

 Unsworth ward

Unsworth result - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes poll
Edeoga, UgonnaLiberal Democrats115
Grimshaw, Joan *Labour Party1171
Heath, Glyn HarveyGreen Party - Save Our Green Space271
Slawycz, AntonThe Conservative Party Candidate1095

Effective electorate: 7306
Spoiled votes: 34
Poll: 37%

Election of Borough Councillor, Thursday, 30 August 2019

Winning candidate is marked with *

Radcliffe West ward

Radcliffe West result - Radcliffe First gain from Labour
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Clough, AnthonyUK Independence Party (UKIP)50
Jones, KingsleyLiberal Democrats113
Lewis, JordanConservative283
* Smith, MikeRadcliffe First824
Walker, JamieLabour708

Tunout: 23.4%.

Election of Borough Councillor, Thursday, 12 December 2019

Winning candidate is marked with *

Church ward

Church result - Conservative hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Charlie AllenGreen Party235
Stephen Thomas LewisLiberal Democrats213
Sam TurnerLabour Party2,172
Dene John Vernon *Conservative Party Candidate3,317

Turnout: 69.84%.