(9) Moorgate Road, Radcliffe

Register of Definitive Map Modification Orders for Moorgate Road, Radcliffe

  1. Copy of application and map:
    pdf icon Moorgate Road Radcliffe Definitive Map and Statement [172kb]
  2. The intended effect of the application: To change the status of public footpath to bridleway
  3. The location to which the application relates:
    1. Grid Reference - SD774098 to SD777095
    2. Address of any properties on which the way lies - 58 and 60 Starling Road, Radcliffe, Manchester, M26 4LN; 93 and 97 Bury & Bolton Road, Radcliffe, Manchester, M26 4JY; Pilkington Fold Farm, Pilkington Fold, Starling Road, Radcliffe, M26 4LR; Wilton Estates, Carter Jonas, Carlton Tower, 34 St Pauls Street, Leeds, LS1 2QB
    3. Principle settlements nearest to the way - Radcliffe
    4. Parish, Ward or District in which the way lies - Radcliffe East ward
  4. Applicants name and address: Currently withheld
  5. Date set for determination of the application:
  6. Reference number: 12
  7. Date on which the application was determined:
  8. The Authority's decision:
  9. If the Authority's decision was to make the order has it been confirmed?
  10. If the decision was not to make an order, was there an appeal?

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