(1) Cockey Moor

Register of Definitive Map Modification Orders for Cockey Moor

  1. Copy of application and map:
  2. pdf icon Cockey Moor Application form [258kb]
    pdf icon Cockey Moor map of the area [142kb]
    pdf icon Cockey Moor map of the wider area [143kb]
  3. The intended effect of the application: To add a public footpath to the Definitive Map and Statement.
  4. The location to which the application relates:
    1. Grid Reference - 773104 to 773107
    2. Address of Any Properties on Which the Way Lies - Agricultural land.
    3. Principle Settlements Nearest to the Way - Starling, near Ainsworth village and the towns of Radcliffe and Bury.
    4. Parish, Ward or District in Which the Way Lies - St Andrews Parish, Radcliffe North Ward, Radcliffe District.
  5. The applicants name and address: Jeff Holt, 62 Church Street, Ainsworth, Bolton, BL2 5RS
  6. Date set for determination of the application: 17 November 2009
  7. Reference number: 2
  8. Date on which the application was determined: 24 March 2011
  9. The Authority's decision: To make the order
  10. If the Authority's decision was to make the order has it been confirmed? Yes
  11. If the Decision was to not make an order, was there an appeal?

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