Information for private landlords - "Let Us" and "Help2Rent"

"Let Us"

Bury Council have informally joined the "Let Us" project!  "Let Us" is made up of 5 housing providers. They provide a full range of property services to make life easier for landlords, by creating a letting agency that works for everyone, (no fees)

"Let Us" ELA (Ethical Letting Agency) is run by a group of housing providers with long established reputation for successfully managing tens of thousands of properties across Greater Manchester, they are committed to working with landlords to make more homes available in the private sector available to tenants who need them. Whilst minimising risks to landlords though their proved robust management approach.

They will use your home to help transform people's lives while making the most of your investment.


"Help2Rent" has been designed to simplify and expedite the private sector accommodation allocation process whilst supporting landlords and agents.

Contact for Homeless Accommodation & Support Service