The Welly Project - Manchester Road Park


At the Welly Project we manage and maintain the bowling green and putting green. 

To do this Bury EST customers engage in horticultural activities, and grounds management and maintenance such as:

  • Grass maintenance: mowing, scarifying, feeding and weeding
  • Gardening: weeding borders and beds, planting, grass and hedge cutting
  • Painting borders of greens
  • Tool room and equipment management
  • Litter picks and general grounds maintenance
  • Taking bookings from bowling teams and dealing with payments

We also have allotments where we grow our own fruit and vegetables. These allotments are available for rent to the local community.

Working on a bike

The Welly Bike Hub - Manchester Road Park

We have a Bike Hub where we recycle donated bikes and offer them for resale. Bury EST customers are able to participate in short courses and learn how to repair and maintain bikes.


Bury EST customers have engaged in a variety of in-house projects such as:

  • The Buffet Project - External catering to local organisations
  • The Brew Room Project - Refurbishment of the customers breakroom/training room
  • Fundraising - Easter cake raffle, Fun day, Christmas cake sale
  • Barnfield Project - making and selling hanging baskets and tubs

Computer skills


Bury EST customers are given the opportunity to develop themselves through a variety of training courses which we deliver. These may include:

  • Employability training
  • Retail and Customer Service Course
  • Confidence Course
  • Health & Safety in the home
  • Finance and Money management
  • Cookery skills
  • Food preparation
  • Meal Planning and Recipes
  • Budgeting and shopping
  • Healthy Eating and Personal Care
  • Domestic skills - cleaning, laundry etc.

Cake in a box All in whites Working in the kitchen In the greenhouse Four people Mowing the grass