Council Tax care leaver discount

From 1 April 2018 care leavers will not have to pay Council Tax if they live in Bury, until they are 25.

To qualify for this discount you need to:

  • be aged under 25
  • have a Council Tax bill from Bury Council in your name
  • have been in care with any local authority on your 16th birthday
  • have been in care for at least 13 weeks since your 14th birthday

It doesn't matter where you lived when you were in care, and you don't have to have been in care with Bury Council to qualify.

Your name needs to be on the Council Tax bill for your address. It doesn't matter if yours is the only name on the bill or if other people who live with you are shown as well. However we can't award a discount if you are not named on the bill, for example if you are living in a shared house where the landlord is responsible for the Council Tax

How to apply for a care leaver discount

In some cases we will be able to award the discount because we already have proof that a care leaver is registered for Council Tax. If the discount does not show on your bill and you think you should be entitled to it, please complete the online form below.

Apply for a Council Tax care leaver discount