Mayoral election results 2021

Greater Manchester Mayoral election results

The full result of the Mayor of Greater Manchester election is published on GM Elects - Greater Manchester Combined Authority Mayoral Election.

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Greater Manchester Combined Authority Mayoral Election, 6 May 2021

District final count totals and rejected ballot paper statement (District form DC6)

Name of districtBury
Name of returning officerGeoff Little

I, Geoff Little, Returning Officer appointed for the Bury District at the Greater Manchester Combined Authority Mayoral Election held on 6 May 2021 hereby certify and declare that:

The total number of verified ballot papers was: 59,268 (as taken from form 22 or equivalent. This figure should match Box C on DV2).

The total number of first preference votes given for each candidate was as follows:
Candidate name
Full name (Commonly known as)
Description (if any)Number of
first preference
votes given
Buckley, NickReform UK1,380
Burnham, AndyLabour and Co-operative Party35,351
Evans, Laura KathrynConservative Party Candidate16,208
Farmer, Marcus JonathanIndependent362
Horrocks, Melanie JaneGreen Party1,974
Lepori, Simon EdwardLiberal Democrats1,519
Marvel, Alec-51
Morris, StephenEnglish Democrats - "Putting England First!"1,152
Sutcliffe, David John-177
Total number of first preference votes58,184

The number of ballot papers rejected was as follows
a) Want of official mark0
b) Voting for more than one candidate as to the first preference vote 482
c) Writing or mark by which voter could be identified8
d) Unmarked or void for uncertainty as to the first preference vote 594
Total number of rejected ballot papers 1,084


Name: G.P.Little (Local Returning Officer).
Date: 8 May 2021. Time: 16.08.

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