Our customer service standards

We are committed to delivering a high standard of customer service whenever you contact us. We aim to provide services that you can access in a way that is convenient to you.

Contacting us online

We will...

  • Make our website available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Design our website to work on all screen sizes as we know many customers visit our website on a mobile device
  • Continue to improve our online payment system as we know lots of customer prefer to do things online
  • Make it possible to do more on our website easily and quickly
  • Provide help if you don't feel confident using modern technology - our staff can assist you with using our website and our online services
  • Aim to reply to emails as soon as possible
  • Let you know if a reply is going to take longer than 10 working days
  • Aim to reply to social media posts (if necessary or appropriate) within 24 hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)  

Contacting us by phone

We will...

  • Help you speak to the right person as quickly as possible
  • Aim to answer your enquiry by the first person you contact
  • Answer your call within 5 minutes, where possible
  • Let you know if there is a delay
  • Arrange to call you back if we cannot answer your query there and then.
  • Give our name and department, and the reason for calling when we call back. 
  • Please note:  When we call you from council offices the caller identification (phone number) will show as 'withheld'.  

Contacting us in person  

We will... 

  • Greet you at reception as soon as possible
  • Make sure staff are easily identifiable as council employees
  • Provide help to access our website and online services
  • Provide access to computers and the internet
  • See you on time if you have an appointment
  • Display opening times and ways to contact us
  • Provide facilities for disabled customers

Contacting us by letter

We will...

  • Respond to straight forward queries within 28 working days
  • Acknowledge complex queries within 28 working days and let you know when you can expect a reply


We will...

  • Acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days
  • Send a full reply within 20 working days - or we will let you know if a full reply is not possible within this time.
  • Ensure our complaints policy is adhered to at all times

Customer service experience

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