Radcliffe and Redvales flood defence scheme

The Radcliffe and Redvales Flood Defence Scheme, led by the Environment Agency in partnership with Bury Council, is designed to protect up to 870 properties from a repeat of the devastating flooding seen on Boxing Day 2015.

The £40million scheme will see more than 2.5 kilometres of flood defences put in place to provide flood protection to Radcliffe and Redvales communities for the next 100 years. The scheme, which features raised flood defences at key locations along the edge of the River Irwell, will also include the creation of new wildlife habitat, increased green spaces and amenity areas including improved sports facilities.

Phase 1 works (Planning permission reference 63559) are complete with the exception of additional landscaping works which will continue into Spring 2021 with further planting and seeding. Close Park is now open to the public, with only localised areas closed off to be grass seeded in Spring.

Phase 2 works (Planning permission reference 64789) are under construction.

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