Certificate of Life validation

There may be times when you need to have validation of who you are - for example, to send overseas when you want to receive a pension from a foreign government.

If you would like a Certificate of Life Validation you are required to provide for inspection your passport, driving licence or other photo ID and a council tax/ utility bill (last 12 months) with evidence of your current address.

The fee for this service is £15. Payment will be required before your documents can be processed.

Please make your payment using the online form (below) or by telephoning the Customer Contact Centre on 0161 253 5353 where your payment will be processed.

Certificate of Life validation payment

Once your payment has been made, please bring your documents into the Town Hall, Knowsley Street, Bury.

A photocopy of your documents will be taken and checked. Your certificate will be signed by a representative of the Chief Executive of Bury Council, dated and stamped. An additional check will be made on the electoral register and you will be provided with a covering letter.

Your validated form and letter will be posted to you.

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