Dignity at work

Bury Council is committed to providing a working environment where its employees are treated with dignity and respect, and are valued for the different skills and abilities they bring into the workplace. Bullying, harassment or anti-social behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated.

Examples of policies are provided on this page for you to download. They can easily be adapted for use by other employees.

Dignity at work policy

Dignity at Work Policy deals with issues of bullying and harassment of and by employees.

It offers confidential support and advice. Bury Council has what are known as First Contact Officers that staff are able to go to. Alternatively, they are able to speak to their trade union representative (UNISON 0161 253 5176).

Domestic violence and abuse policy

We have developed a Domestic Violence and Abuse Policy to support our employees who are experiencing violence at home. Again, we have First Contact Officers that staff are able to go to

Anti-social behaviour policy

An Anti-Social Behaviour Policy covers employees who have been subjected to unwanted behaviour. Contact us for more information.

Equality policy for employment

An Equality Policy for Employment deals with issues of discrimination in the workplace.

Contact for Equality and Diversity