Setting up or expanding your business in Bury

Bury Council is committed to working together with the local business community to ensure we have a strong, successful and thriving business base.

We want established and incoming businesses to grow and prosper and our role is to help to ensure that happens. Supporting this ambition, Bury Council and the Bury Business Leadership Group have created a dedicated business website, which is your one stop destination for business related information, updates, opportunities and advice.

Key themes, which may be of particular interest, include:

Business support and advice (start up support) - Support for Bury residents interested in becoming self-employed or within the first 3 years of trading.

Accessing business finance - Where and how to access funding and financial advice.

Bury Council's offer to employers - See what and how Bury Council could help your business.

Recruitment and workforce projects - Bury Council and partners offer a range of support to businesses that are wanting to recruit and/or retain staff.