Procurement policies and strategies

Council contracts procedure rules

These are the procedures we follow for obtaining quotations, tendering and awarding of contracts. There are a series of thresholds for the advertisement and award of contracts under the Council's standing orders.

We use Invitations to Tender for contracts above £75,000 in value and Requests for Quotation for anything below £75,000. The process and documentation reflects the risk and value associated with the procurement in question.

For low value, low risk procurements it is not cost effective to run an open competition. In these cases we seek quotations from providers we know are capable of meeting our requirements and can offer a competitive price. Alternatively, we may decide that using an existing local government accessible framework agreement represents best value, in which case procurement will be through the framework, with only the suppliers on the framework invited to bid.

  • Under £999:
    An agreed price will be sought. The price agreed may be oral, written or via a suppliers web site.
  • Between £1,000 and £4,999:
    Competitive prices will be sought from a minimum of two suppliers. The prices to be obtained may be oral, written or via a suppliers web site.
  • Between £5,000 and £24,999:
    Competitive written quotations based upon a request to quote will be sought from a minimum of three suppliers. An advertisement may be placed on The Chest if appropriate.
  • Between £25,000 and £74,999:
    Competitive written quotations based upon a full quotation process will be sought from a minimum of three suppliers. An advertisement will be placed on The Chest.
  • Between £75,000 and the EU threshold:
    Tenders will be invited from a minimum of four suppliers. An advert will be placed on The Chest and a specialist publication if appropriate.
  • Over the EU threshold:
    European Union directives state that all public sector contracts over £164,176 for supplies and services contracts, and £4,104,394 for works contracts should follow specific procedures. Therefore in addition to advertising on The Chest a notice will be placed in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) and a specialist publication if appropriate.

Procurement strategy

Our procurement strategy describes our commitment to using procurement as a means of achieving wider social, environmental and economic wellbeing policy objectives. We believe that effective procurement is an important part of making cashable and process efficiencies.

Standard conditions of purchase and provision

When contracting with Bury Council, our relevant standard conditions of purchase will apply unless alternative conditions are agreed in advance.

Procurement training sessions and advice

The Council supports local business networks and events. In addition, there are a number of business support organisations, including Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Small Businesses who provide guidance on competing for public sector contracts.

Cyber Resilience Free Support Available for SMEs

Free support available to support SME organisations with the risk of cyber crime.

You'll be aware from regular headlines that cyber security is a constant risk to the business community, with 40% of incidents managed by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) over the last year targeting the public sector.

Within the North West region, there is a Cyber Resilience Centre whose purpose is to provide a free basic level of support for companies like yours, which will provide you with the basic guidance that you need to stay safe online: everything from how to manage password security, through to the questions that your board should be asking of their technical team to check on contingency plans.

Cyber resilience is important, because 2 in 5 businesses each year spot an attempt to breach their systems and 1 in 3 businesses experience some form of cyber breach at least once a week.

The North West Centre is led by a serving senior police officer and is directly funded by the Home Office. Bury Council would strongly encourage you to sign up for their free membership and indeed to recommend those in your network to do likewise. See: NWCRC - Cyber Resilience Centre for the North West.

If a different region applies more, this link should be used: National Cyber Resilience Centre Group - Regional centres.

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