School Food Standards (nutrition) & Food For Life Served Here

School Food Standards (nutrition)

Over 16,000 children in Bury eat a healthy and nutritious school lunch every school day.

School menus in Bury contain many traditional favourites such as roast dinners, pasta, curries and pies but there are also alternatives such as filled jackets, wraps, hot baguettes, Quorn and vegetarian dishes. Good quality beef, chicken and pork are used in recipes and fish that come from sustainable sources. Potatoes and much of the fresh vegetables are home-grown locally in Lancashire and all menus are balanced to reduce sugar, salt and fat levels. Fresh bread and water is readily available at every meal.

Menus are changed twice per year so children get to choose from around 80 different dishes over a full school year.

We provide meals in accordance with government's School Food Standards. They are regularly checked to ensure they are of the correct quality standard and portion size.

School Food Standards are intended to help children develop healthy eating habits and ensure that that they get the energy and nutrition they need across the whole school day. They place an emphasis on providing a wide range of foods across the week.

See: pdf icon Schools Good Standards guidance [510kb].

Food for Life Served Here: We've been awarded!

Would you like to sign your child up for our award-winning school lunches prepared by Bury Catering? Get in touch with your school for more information.

We're excited to let you know that our school lunches are award winning! Bury Catering have been awarded the Bronze Food for Life Served Here Award by the Soil Association. This award, from the UK's leading food and farming charity recognises our dedication to providing students with lunches that reach, and go beyond, the national School Food Standards. In short, sugary snacks and fizzy drinks are out and fresh fruit and vegetables are in.

This prestigious certification from the UK's leading food and farming charity recognises our dedication to providing school meals that are not only delicious, but are good for your children's health, nature and the climate.  It cements our commitment to serving food that adheres to the national School Food Standards (nutritional guidelines), making healthy eating easy for your children. 

  • Meat and eggs are all sourced from the UK, from good animal welfare systems, fish is not endangered, and all our meat and eggs can be traced back to the farm. We only source from farmers who champion animal welfare.  

  • The ingredients we use are completely free from nasty additives, trans fats and GMOs. As well as all this, our menus are inclusive of cultural and dietary needs

  • We understand that every child has unique requirements and it's important to us that everyone is catered for.  

  • By opting to use seasonal ingredients and cooking food from scratch we are lowering carbon emissions and reducing the negative impact of our food on the environment, meaning that our menus are sustainable.

We know that food is a vital part of education, and understand that fresh, healthy food is what young minds need to grow and develop. That's why our varied menus include a range of options to make healthy eating easier for everyone. 

If you're as proud as we are that pupils are fuelled by fresh, healthy and sustainable food, we'd love it if you could help us spread the word. Connect with Food for Life Served Here on Twitter @SAFoodforLife or Facebook - Soil Association Food for Life and tag us on Facebook Schools Catering Service - Bury Council.

Like to find out more about Food for Life Served Here?  Please visit Food for life.

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