Bowling greens

How to play bowls

If you would like to play bowls or join a bowling club please contact the club directly.

Bowling green locations

Our bowling greens are managed by the clubs that play on them. Here are the contact details for all the bowling greens in Bury.

Bowling green locations in Bury
Site name and addressClubContact
Clarence Park, Royal Avenue, Off Walmersley Road, Bury-Email:
Duke William Bowling Green, Rear of Duke William PH, Well Street, Ainsworth Ainsworth Bowling ClubMel Ashworth, 0161 723 5675
Hollins, Hollins Lane, BuryHollins Bowling ClubJ Grimshaw, 0161 766 3369
Hoyles Park, Huntley Mount Road, Off Bell Lane, Bury-Email:
Manchester Road Park, BuryWelly Bowling ClubMembers on-site from Monday to Friday or phone 0161 253 6588
Openshaw Park, Rochdale Road, BuryOpenshaw Park Management AssociationStuart Wilde, 07955 843300 or 0161 797 4558


Bowling green locations in Prestwich and Whitefield
Site name and addressClubContact
Bailey Street Bowling Green, Heaton Park, PrestwichBailey Street Bowling ClubPat Gorton, 0161 796 1934
St Mary's Road, PrestwichSt Mary's ParkAlan Clough, 0161 773 7101
Whitefield Park, Stanley RoadWhitefield Park Bowling AssociationLinda Chamberlain, 0161 766 7050 or 07774 805227,


Bowling green locations in Radcliffe
Site name and addressClubContact
Allens Green, Hindle Street, RadcliffeAllens Green Bowling ClubMargaret Chatburn, 07786 430362
Black Lane Bowling Green, Rear of Railway Hotel, Ainsworth Road, RadcliffeBlack Lane Associated Bowling ClubsAlbert, 07434 264197
Bolton Road Park, Wordsworth Avenue, Radcliffe-Email:
Close Park, Dumers Lane, RadcliffeClose Park Bowling and Social ClubJanet Hopwood, 07757 550095
Bowling green locations in Ramsbottom and Tottington
Site name addressClubContact
Nuttall Park, Nuttall Hall Lane, RamsbottomNuttall Park Bowling & Social ClubMrs J M Hughes, 0161 797 2891
Town Meadow, Market Street, TottingtonTottington Bowling and Social ClubGeoff Leach, 01204 880136

Bowls hire

Sets of bowls and jacks can be hired for a season or for shorter periods of time, for example, overnight or weekend.

Seasonal hire

One set of bowls, one jack plus a mat - £32.50 per season plus £60 deposit.

Short term hire

Overnight or weekend (usually to clubs and societies)

Set of bowls - £6.50 per set
Jacks - £3.25 per jack

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