Supporting Communities, Improving Lives (SCIL)

What is SCIL?

The Supporting Communities, Improving Lives (SCIL) Programme is Bury's response to the National Troubled Families Agenda, overseen by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

The programme is committed to 'turning around' the lives of Bury's most complex families. The Government will work alongside local authorities around the country to:

  • get children back into school
  • reduce youth crime and anti-social behaviour
  • put adults on a path back to work
  • reduce the high costs these families place on the public sector each year

How do I refer to the SCIL?

The Department of Communities and Local Government have defined six national indicators, of which a minimum of two must be met for families to qualify for support from the SCIL programme. These are:

  • Crime / Anti Social Behaviour
  • Education
  • Workless
  • Child In Need
  • Health
  • Domestic Violence

If your family, or the family you are working with, meet the criteria and you would like to refer them to the SCIL Team please complete the online form below.

Complete a SCIL referral online form

You may also need to send us a completed consent form:

Contact for Supporting Communities, Improving Lives