Children's Trust

What is Bury Children's Trust?

Children's Trust arrangements were introduced in the Children's Act 2004. The principle behind these arrangements is that stronger partnerships, greater integration of services and a shared purpose for all those working with children, young people and families leads to better services.

Bury Children's Trust brings together partners from a wide range of agencies with a shared commitment to helping children and young people be the best that they can; in particular those, who for many different reasons face more barriers than their peers.

The Children's Trust Board includes representatives from all the agencies and sectors whose work impacts most on children and young people.

Terms of reference

pdf icon Children's Trust terms of reference [126kb]

Minutes of the Children's Trust Board

For information about the Children's Trust and for copies of Minutes, please e-mail

Bury Children & Young People's Plan 2015 to 2018

The Plan sets out the Children's Trust Ambitions for children and young people, the Priorities which partners will work together to address over the next 3 years and the Children's Trust working arrangements. The Ambitions and Priorities have been developed based upon local and national data and the expertise and knowledge of the workforce and of children, young people and families.

pdf icon Children and young people’s plan 2015-18 [173kb]

pdf icon Children and young people’s plan 2015-18 - Summary for children and young people [36kb]

Aligned to the Children & People's Plan are two important supporting Strategies:

Strategy and Guidance for the Active Participation of Children & Young People 2015 to 2018

Children and young people's participation is the first principle of Bury Children's Trust and the strategy sets out what this means for all agencies working with children and young people

Early Help Strategy

The focus of the Children's Trust is on establishing arrangements and practice that provides an early response to problems so that the negative impact upon the lives of children and young people is minimised. The Early Help Strategy sets out the principles and key actions for partners to develop a culture of early help. 

Lunchtime Learning sessions: factsheets

To support the delivery of our Early Help Strategy we run regular Lunchtime Learning sessions (wef September 2015).  These aim to increase knowledge and awareness of issues that affect children and young people so that we can provide earlier help and support to them.  You can find out about forthcoming lunchtime learning sessions by clicking on the link to the Network below.  Each lunchtime learning session includes a short fact sheet on the topic:

Local transformation plan for children and young people's mental health and wellbeing

The Children's Trust has an important role in the development and delivery of the local transformation plan for children and young people's mental health and wellbeing. This is a 'living document', which is refreshed annually and delivered through action plans. It focuses on promoting, protecting and importing mental health and wellbeing services for children and young people and is an important part of the work that will help us to meet the Children's Trust ambitions and priorities.

Bury children and young people’s transformation plan

Children's Trust Commissioning Principles

The Children's Trust Board has developed a set of Commissioning Principles to support delivery of the Children & Young People's Plan.  Children's Trust Partners have agreed to follow these Principles alongside existing statutory and non-statutory commissioning guidelines in order to strengthen Early Help, Participation, Transition and a thriving local Third Sector. The Commissioning Principles include Good Practice examples.

pdf icon Commissioning principles [83kb]

Children's Trust Workforce Strategy

The Children's Trust Workforce Strategy provides a set of Principles and Objectives which all partner agencies should reflect in their workforce development strategies and plans.

pdf icon Children's Trust workforce strategy [173kb]

Bury Children's Trust arrangements

Bury Children's Trust Board  is an executive group with overall responsibility for developing and delivering the Children & Young People's Plan and ensuring that all necessary arrangements are in place for this purpose. The Board is chaired by the Executive Director, Children, Young People & Culture (Bury Council). Membership includes key people who are able to make strategic decisions on behalf of the main local agencies and sectors that develop and deliver the Children & Young People's Plan. Children & Young People's views are part of every meeting of the Children's Trust Board and inform the work of the Board, and there are formal links with Youth Cabinet.

Children and Young Peoples Network is the means by which the Board involves and communicates with staff across a broad range of agencies that work with children, young people and families. This includes holding large network events, smaller more focused workshops and a regular newsletter.

Bury Children's Trust Operational Group is a sub group of the Children's Trust with responsibility for developing and delivering actions plans to meet the Priorities. It works through the Children's Trust Network and the Participation Strategy to ensure the wider workforce and children and young people are actively involved.

Task and Finish Groups are set up by the Children's Trust Board and the Children's Trust Operational Group from time to time to carry out time-limited, outcome-focused tasks.

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