The Borough has a rich and varied heritage. It exhibits the origins of settlements from prehistory through to the impact of industrial expansion during the 18th and 19th centuries. The Borough's character is divided between the edge of the Manchester conurbation in the south and the Pennine villages and valleys in the north. The Council, in partnership with building owners and the community, is a guardian of this heritage. The Council has policies to protect this finite resource and is actively involved in the enhancement and restoration of buildings and areas. These pages explain how the historic environment is protected.

  • Archaeological sites and monuments

    Greater Manchester Archaeological Advisory Service, ancient monuments and the Historic Environment Record for Bury.

  • Listed buildings

    Buildings of "Special Architectural or Historic Interest" are "listed" by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport following advice from Historic England.

  • What is a conservation area?

    Statutory definition of a Conservation Area, and what this means.