Redisher Local Nature Reserve

Redisher Wood is the fourth site that has been selected as a Local Nature Reserve (LNR). This wooded valley at the base of Holcombe Hill, in the north of Bury, is one of the best ancient woodland sites in the borough. In late Spring the steep valley sides are carpeted with Bluebells and Lesser Celandine lines the banks of Holcombe Brook as it passes through the middle of the valley.

The woods are home to a number of important woodland bird communities.

Given the importance of the site for flora and fauna, the main aims of future management are:

  • to encourage woodland regeneration and spread of native flora by planting trees and woodland wildflowers;
  • diversify the age structure of the woodland to ensure the woodland continues to develop for future generations to enjoy;
  • upgrade and maintain the existing footpath network; and
  • provide discreet waymarking and interpretation.

Countryside management

To request a repair or report damage to the countryside, contact customer services on 0161 253 5353.

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