Private housing repairs and maintenance

If your private rented or housing association property requires repairs or maintenance you should report this to your landlord in writing, giving them 7 days to respond.

Where you think your housing disrepair complaint is an emergency please contact the Customer Contact Centre. Examples of an emergency include: Gas leak, major water leak, no heating or hot water, severe electrical defect, major toilet defect.

What do I do if the my landlord doesn't respond or do the repairs?

If you have written to your landlord and they haven't responded within 7 days you will need to report the problems to Urban Renewal by completing the form below. Please note: we will be unable to help if you have not contacted your landlord first.

Complete the Housing defects form

Urban Renewal have a legal obligation to protect tenants from inappropriate and illegal behaviour by landlord e.g. potential risks to health & safety. We'll work with tenants to inspect properties, ensure necessary repairs are undertaken within a reasonable time and that the property is free from harm in line with housing standards and legislation.

Please note: this service is limited to help getting the repairs carried out to your home. It won't provide reports to support applications for re-housing or claims for compensation.

What will you do after I've reported a problem?

Urban Renewal will follow the steps below once a Housing Disrepair form has been completed:

  1. Send a letter to your landlord informing them that the Council is aware of the repairs and requesting that they arrange for them to be sorted out. We also ask that the landlord keeps us informed of progress made and when the repairs have been carried out.
  2. Send you a letter to inform you that we have made contact with your landlord and ask that you also keep the Council informed of progress made.
  3. Contact you to arrange and carry out a full inspection of your property if your landlord doesn't contact the Council in response to the letter sent.
  4. Inform your landlord of the repairs required and give them a timescale for sorting them out, if they are classed as high-level disrepair.
  5. If the repairs are classed as low-level by the Council then your landlord will be informed as to what they are and advised to address them.
  6. Where there is high-level disrepair, the Council will take legal action against your landlord if they fail to meet the given timescale. This is to make sure the repairs are carried out for you.