Minibus permit

About mini bus permits

You can apply for a minibus permit if you need to charge passengers, as long as:

  • you're driving it for a voluntary organisation that benefits the community - eg an educational, religious or sports organisation;
  • the minibus service is only available for members of that organisation - not to the general public;
  • the minibus maximum weight is not more than 3.5 tonnes (or 4.25 tonnes including any specialist equipment for the carriage of disabled passengers); or
  • any charges are to cover running costs and are not for profit.

The driver must have held a full category B (car) driving licence for at least 2 years and may drive a minibus with up to 16 passenger seats. The driver must be 21 years old or over. If the driver is aged 70 or over, is able to meet the health standards for driving a D1 vehicle.

Types of minibus permits

Permits for small vehicles for carrying from 9 to 16 passengers - are not classed as public service vehicles (PSV's) and a PSV Operators licence or a PSV drivers licence are not required.

Permits for larger vehicles for carrying more than 16 passengers - are classed as PSV's and will require either a certificate of fitness or of initial fitness and will be subject to inspection and prohibition by certifying officers and PSV examiners. However, the vehicle will not require a PSV licence or a PSV Operators licence.


Minibus permits cost £21.

How to apply for a minibus permit

Complete and submit the minibus permit application form       

Please note: When applying online you are required to upload an electronic copy of the relevant MOT certificate. 

How to pay

After submitting the online application form you must pay the fee either over the phone or by cheque.   

To pay by phone

Contact us on 0161 253 5208.  Please make sure you have your debit or credit card handy. 

To pay by cheque

Make your cheque payable to 'Bury Council' and post it to Bury Licensing Service, 3 Knowsley Place Duke Street,Bury BL9 0EJ.

Please note:  If you are paying by cheque you must quote the reference number we e-mailed to you after you submitted your application form. Please write this on the back of your cheque.

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