Appeal against your Council Tax bill

There are two types of appeals against the amount of Council Tax you are being charged.

Appeals against the valuation band of your property

Usually you can only appeal against a valuation band within 6 months of either:

  • becoming the Council Tax payer at the property
  • the banding of your property being altered by the Valuation Office Agency

However you can make an appeal against the valuation band of your property at any time if:

  • the value of the property has altered due to a material change, for example because part of the property has been demolished, or it has been turned into flats
  • there have been changes to the local area which affect the value of the property
  • you have started, or stopped, using the building for running a business

The valuation bands for properties are set by the Valuation Office Agency and appeals should be made directly to them.

Appeal against a valuation band

You can contact the Valuation Office Agency via the website. If you are unable to use the online service you can also contact them on 03000 501 501

Appeals against liability

You can also appeal if you think you should not be liable to pay Council Tax. This may be because:

  • you are not the resident or the owner
  • your property is exempt
  • you think we have made a mistake calculating your bill

If you wish to appeal on these grounds please notify us in writing or by email, so that we can reconsider the case. Please explain why you believe you have been charged the wrong amount of Council Tax and provide evidence where possible to support your appeal.If your appeal is successful we will refund you any overpaid Council Tax.

If you make an appeal and you are still not satisfied with our decision (or you are not notified of a decision within 2 months of making your appeal) you can then appeal further to a Valuation Tribunal.

Appeal to a Valuation Tribunal about your Council Tax liability

You will still be liable to pay Council Tax whilst an appeal is being considered at Council Tax - make a payment - Bury Council