Occupied property discounts and exemptions

Exemptions for occupied properties

In the following situations properties are exempt and no Council Tax is charged

  • properties occupied only by students
  • properties occupied only by persons under 18
  • properties occupied only by persons who are severely mentally impaired

If you want to claim one of these Council Tax exemptions, please contact us.

Discounts when two or more people live in a property

When working how much Council Tax you are charged we need to count how many adults aged 18 or over are in your property. If there are two or more adults then you are charged the full rate of Council Tax. In some cases we disregard adults because of their circumstances, meaning we do not count them when working out how many people live in your property.

How much discount can I get if someone is disregarded?

  • If all adults in the property are treated as being disregarded there will be a 50% discount, or in some cases the property will be treated as exempt from the Council Tax.
  • If there is one adult in a property who is not disregarded then they will be entitled to a 25% discount. For example if a couple live in a property and one of them is disregarded because they are classed as severely mentally impaired then their Council Tax bill can be reduced by 25%.
  • If there are two or more people living in the household who are not disregarded then no discount can be awarded. For example a couple live in a property with their son who is an apprentice, then no discount is available because there are three adults resident and only one of them is disregarded.

Categories of people who are disregarded for Council Tax purposes.

There are application forms for each category in the downloads section on the bottom of this page. If you are unable to download the forms, contact us and we will send one to you.

Hospital patients or people staying in a nursing home

A person who is resident in hospital for a long term stay, or permanently, can be disregarded for the Council Tax. This discount is not available for people staying in hospital for short periods.

People in a nursing home or care home can also be disregarded. There is a separate application form for this group.


Someone in prison or some other form of detention can be disregarded from the Council Tax. This discount is not available for people who are in prison for non payment of fines or Council Tax.

Young people aged 18 and 19

There are discounts available for the following young people

  • 18 year olds for whom child benefit is being paid
  • 18 or 19 year olds who have left school after 30 April can be disregarded until 1 November in the same year

There is one claim form for both of these categories.


The following people can also be disregarded when looking at the Council Tax. We don't have claim forms for these groups, so please contact us for more information;

  • Members of a religious community - people who have no income or capital of their own and depend on the religious community for support.
  • Foreign diplomats and member of international organisations headquartered in the UK

What happens after I have applied for a Council Tax discount or exemption?

We will look at your application as soon as we can, but whilst you are waiting for our decision you should continue to pay the instalments shown on your Council Tax bill.

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