Cutting back on waste

Ways to reduce and reuse your waste


Composting your waste is a cheap, natural process that allows you to recycle your kitchen and garden waste into valuable food for your garden.  It is an easy way to reduce your waste by about a third.  You can use the compost you create to help your garden grow. 

Recycle Now - Home composting 

Furniture re-use

If you have furniture items in good condition that you no longer want you can donate these to a local community scheme or charity. Mustard Tree collect donations of unwanted furniture or you can drop the items off at their warehouse or at the household waste and recycling centres at Cemetery Road in Radcliffe.   

Junk mail

An easy way to reduce your waste is to stop junk mail coming through your letter box.

Recycle for Greater Manchester - Reducing junk mail


If you have young children in nappies you could switch to using real nappies which frees up space in your bin.

Find out more about cloth nappies at the Recycle for Greater Manchester website