You are a carer if you:

  • Look after and support an adult or child relative, friend or neighbour due to:
    • physical or learning disability
    • physical or mental illness
    • frailness
    • substance misuse, including alcohol and drugs.
  • The person you look after would not be able to manage daily life without help.
  • You are not paid for the support you provide.

Whether you provide support for a few hours a week or 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; or for someone that lives with you or in their own home you are still a carer.

What is a carers assessment and how do I get one?

The Care Act 2014 states any carer who appears to have a need for support should be offered a carers assessment. This will give you the opportunity to discuss what information is available and find out what community support is available locally.

The assessment will look at how caring affects your life, including for example, physical, mental and emotional needs. You can have an assessment even if the person you care for is not eligible for support, or is refusing social care services.

To access a carers assessment, please contact the Connect and Direct Hub on 0161 253 5151.

Please note a carers assessment is not an application for a carers allowance. If you would like to apply for a carers allowance you will need to visit the website.

How can I find out what else is available for carers?

There are many services and organisations in the community available to help carers. You can search for these by visiting The Bury Directory or speaking with a customer advisor at Adult Care Connect and Direct.

Bury Carers' Hub

Bury Carers' Hub provides a single point of access for all adult carers (18+) supporting another adult living in Bury. The Hub exists to ensure that carers have access to information, advice, and a wide range of support services.

Contact for Adult Care Connect and Direct