Assisted bin collections (help with moving your bins)

About our assisted collection service

We can arrange assistance for residents who are unable to wheel their own bins to the kerbside for collection because of disability, ill health or if you are elderly or have mobility problems.  There is no charge to people who qualify, and the service can be provided even if your need is only temporary.  We may visit you to check your eligibility.

If you qualify, we will collect your bins from an agreed collection point at your home and return them to this collection point after emptying.  You will be responsible for ensuring we can access your bins on your collection day. 

The service: 

  • is not available if you live with another person aged over 16 who can put your bins out for you;
  • should be cancelled if you no longer need it. 

How to apply for an assisted collection

To apply for this service, you must complete our online application form so that we can assess your needs.  We will let you know our decision within 7 working days of receiving your application form.

Please note: We assess each application individually and reserve the right to withhold this service if providing it will lead to significant operational difficulties or unreasonable expense. 

Apply for an assisted collection

How to cancel an assisted collection

If your circumstances change and you no longer need an assisted collection, please tell us by completing our online cancellation form. 

Cancel an assisted collection