Planning control committee and delegated decisions

About the Planning Control Committee

The members of the Planning Control Committee are all councillors who represent the various wards of the borough of Bury.

The committee meets every month and determines planning applications for certain major developments and others where objections have been received. See below for further information about the Scheme of Delegation to Planning Control Committee.

In some cases the committee will visit the site where the development is proposed prior to considering the application. These visits are for the members of the committee only, and no representations can be made to the members on the visit.

The meeting itself is open to anyone to attend. Our 'Have your Say' initiative enables interested parties to address the committee members to explain, for example, their concerns about a proposal or their ideas behind it and one person can speak in favour of an application and one against for a maximum of 3 minutes each. Ward councillors also have a right to speak on applications in their area.

The majority of decisions are determined by the Assistant Director (Localities) under the Council's adopted Scheme of Delegation, having due regard to the comments received, and both national and local policies. All applications for extensions to domestic properties are determined by this process unless a member of the Planning Control Committee asks for the application to be referred to the committee for decision. Please see the Scheme of Delegation below.

Planning Control Committee agendas, minutes and reports

Go to Planning Control Committee agendas, minutes and reports

The agenda for each Planning Control Committee is available to view (via the above link) one week before the meeting date. Agenda item 4 lists the planning applications to be considered by the Committee with relevant plans and photographs.

You can also download a copy of the results of the latest Committee meeting below.  

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